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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Buy A Pylon save the highlands

water run3 water run1
Take a good look at the view above ,in the next few years this view will be destroyed for ever .

                                THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN to our wonderful highlands

Equipment needed : To Help STOP THIS
Cutting equipment


cost £1.00
either buyer collects or delivery can be arranged for a small fee
if you collect please call at the  site between 2.00 am and 6.00 am ( bring a torch dismantling equipment available on site)

                                       With the price of scrap at an all time high this is an chance not to be missed…..

                                                                                JOB OPPORTUNITY

                                                                  Pylon Pincher
Calling all dodgy fly by night types sick of getting caught for wee bits of scrap an new and exciting opportunity has arisen in the beautiful Highlands .

expand your horizons why mess about with wee bits of wire when ton upon ton of high grade steel and copper are available to you for the taking..

have a holiday at the same time as getting rich and a wee side line you will be doing your bit for the environment ..

The successful applicant will have little or no skill but must have a drive to work hard

HOURS:       To suit but mostly nighshift and possible weekends away
Pay        :      This is up to you the sky is the limit ( and of course the international metal markets)
Equipment :   This can be supplied at a small admin cost
Transport :     Must  have own transport as you will need to take the dismantled pylon away each night
Insurance :     Why bother just another cost
Fuel :              Nay bother bring a wee tube and sorted …( warning this may damage your health)
Food :             Italian stew can be supplied throughout the night ( may cause some side affects)
Accomadation  Everything from  5 star Hotels to a tent your choice as money will be no object
Investment :     Each successful applicant must pay the £1 ( no excuses) up front for their pylon although hp can be arranged

for further info and application form

please email :   i’
phone           :  999 night time only ( the phone lines are manned by  people that care at all times ready to help you reach your goal)

                                                                                HEALTH AND SAFETY
…………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………

At all times safety helmets and high vis jackets along with good boots MUST be worn at all times while on site visiting or working … anyone that fails to obey this will be given a bonus ….

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Broadband Satellite System Beyondsl

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OUR WEE home

As many of you know i live with Mel well away from the grid etc aboard our old bus ,two years ago i took the plunge and dived into the world of hi tec ,buying a laptop and camera well for the first year or so i was using Dial-up and was satisfied with this ,but as my journey with my photography and eventually my start at making small films from here in the Scottish highlands wee films showing our green simple life and showing off the treasure that is the Scottish Highlands .
I started to find the limit to dial up, i had heard of Satellite systems but to be honest i was worried about the cost and how complicated the whole thing would be to set up and run especially as we tend to move a fair bit.
Well after much hunting around the net i finally came across BEYONDSL and i can not recommend them highly enough from buying the system to getting it up an running they have helped all the way even when my modem packed up ,a new replacement was dispatched no cost and i was quickly up and running again..
So i urge you that if you are thinking of getting a satellite system then visit Beyondsl because if even i can install and run it ,it must be easy.

                                                                Some company info

Visit them by clicking HERE



Broadband anywhere. No phone line required.

As long as you are within our European footprint and have somewhere to install our dish with a clear view of the southern sky you can get our broadband service. Our service is compatible with any computer that has a network connection and by using a router you can even share the service with multiple computers.
We use ASTRA, Europe's leading provider of satellite services, to deliver broadband via ASTRA2Connect - so not only can you experience the same reliability as Sky TV but you can also receive Sky or Freesat from the same dish. In fact, with our new VOIP Telephone service you can even get a UK telephone line from the same dish too! Learn more >>

Starter 256

per month
Download: 256 kbps
Upload: 64 kbps
Data Allowance: Unlimited
FreeZone: N/A
Reset FUP: £7.50

Surfer 512

per month
Download: 512 kbps
Upload: 96 kbps
Data Allowance: Unlimited
FreeZone: N/A
Reset FUP: £12.50

Home 1M

per month
Download: 1024 kbps
Upload: 128 kbps
Data Allowance: Unlimited
FreeZone: £7.50/month
Reset FUP: £17.50

Expert 2M

per month
Download: 2048 kbps
Upload: 256 kbps
Data Allowance: Unlimited
FreeZone: £10/month
Reset FUP: £32.50

Pro 3M

per month
Download: 3072 kbps
Upload: 256 kbps
Data Allowance: Unlimited
FreeZone: £12/month
Reset FUP: £45

Office 4M

per month
Download: 4096 kbps
Upload: 256 kbps
Data Allowance: Unlimited
FreeZone: £15/month
Reset FUP: £45

OfficePlus 4M

per month
Download: 4096 kbps
Upload: 320 kbps
Data Allowance: Unlimited
FreeZone: N/A
Reset FUP: £65.50
Our Standard Kit (£299.99):
  • 79cm Dish + unique fine-adjust Az/El mount
  • Interactive LNB - “iLNB” - to send & receive
  • Unique “Point & Play” audio alignment meter
  • ASTRA2Connect Satmodem by Newtec
  • 30m Twin Digital Coax Cable
  • Ethernet Crossover Cable

Flexible installation options; get a pro or DIY.

We can get a professional installer to contact you and arrange for an installation date. The standard installation is £100 but this is restricted to cable runs of no more than 30m from the dish to the satmodem and installing the dish on a south-facing wall with no special access requirements, typically no higher than first storey. If your install is non-standard or you are unsure please select a non-standard install when ordering. The cost will be quoted to directly to you by the installer before work starts and you then pay the installer directly. If you have an installer you have used in the past and would like for him or her to do it then you can choose 'No Installation' when ordering. You can also use our Find a Dealer tool to contact an installer yourself. Finally, if you are technically minded you can opt to install the equipment yourself. We have a "How to Install" video and online guide available. Please note that we do not provide telephone support for the installation process so if this is something you are not comfortable with then we recommend you go with a professional installation.

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