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Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Rock

The Rock
Walking along the road to Ullapool as you hit the highest part of the road between Inverness And Ullapool you are greeted with a stunning view of Loch Droma and beyond.
No matter how many times i see this view it never ceases to move me
This night , it was a clear night the air seemed to be even more fresh than usual
walking on i could hear voices coming from the shore ,this was not strange especially at this time of year as many people make their way up here for a fire and a night with the stars
I smiled to myself at the laughter echoing from the people and the glen that surrounds us but pushed on as i wanted to spend the night at Corrieshalloch Gorge
Eventually the voices disappeared in the slight breeze but as i looked back something was wrong i stood and tried to work out what it was
about to turn and go sure all was ok when i noticed a huge rock at least 10 feet by ten feet standing there ,i had never seen the rock before in all the time i had lived and passed very spot this spot .
I stared at the rock but the more i looked at it the larger it seemed to get it was covered in moss like no other from the loch and strange figures seemed to be etched into it
putting it down to just a trick of the highland light ,i lit a fag and relaxed with the night sky ,the people seemed louder again and i thought i would be good to spend some time with them .
So i made my way down to them along a winding wee moss lined path until someone shouted “Hello and welcome “
i looked up and shouted many thanks my friend it is a wonderful night for a fire
i was greeted by everyone at least thirty people where sprawled  along the shore guitars playing some singing others in what looked like deep conversations
but the overwhelming feeling of love and peace was so strong ( i love times like this when people share their talents with the world and for a short time no jealousy etc just love and happiness )
The drinks flowed food from what seemed the four corners of the world appeared rice pasta the smell drifted of across the loch
Lying there i was so happy
I stood up to head behind a tree just a wee way of for the call of nature
when i finished i stood out from the tree and shouted anyone for a swim
Looking up there was no sign of anyone ,nothing even the smells from the food gone
the fire that had only a few seconds ago been raging was gone.
I froze ,every hair on my body standing up my breathing came to a halt ,sweat seemed to flood down my back
was all i could say
i looked around again trying to find some signs of the people trying to convince myself it was just some huge practical joke
But still nothing then the rock seemed to move closer at first i stood back
but somehow i found myself moving closer to it
The sight that greeted me will never leave me
what i had thought was moss was in fact human hair strands of blonde red brown hair covered  the large granite rock
then as i wide eyed stared i saw
EYES hundreds
Human nails and fingers were also strewn across the rock
somehow the rock pulled me even closer i could make out long marks in rows of four where visible all coming from the centre of the rock and out to the edge
Something tugged at my boots ,i looked down and could see the hair was wrapping itself around pulling ever tighter
i reached down to try and free myself from this nightmare but as i reached out a hand emerged from the very centre of the rock and gripped my arm with such force no matter what i did ,the more i tried the tighter the grip became 
The hole in the centre of the rock grew larger and larger
Screams like nothing i had ever heard powered from the rock
And slowly i was pulled closer and closer
the hole started to shrink the light from the highland sky fading away ,the grip on my arm and boots seemed to relax now
but still i was held firm the rock now had me in a grip i would never again be released from
the last thing i saw was the long finger nail marks i had seen earlier
now added to my by my OWN
The End

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