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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Living a simple life off the grid WHY ????

I have led  what you might call an alternative lifestyle for over twenty five years now ,ever since leaving the army and apart from a couple of times  trying to lead a NORMAL life well in the eyes of family and friends at the time ( which resulted in my house being broken into three times in one year by a friend i found out later ,simply because i worked hard at stating a business and done well

the people around me at the time got jealous and decided to help themselves .

so one day i got myself a wee caravan and headed back on the road and with NO regrets i travel the road of simplicity and wake every day free from debt and look forward to the next adventure like a wee boy at Xmas.

With the rise in technology it has made things easier and easier , but i only pick and choose what i want to make life simpler and greener for example solar and wind power a no brainer for me ,the thought of being tied to some large company that has control over my power both in supply and cost makes no sense and scares me , when i hear of some old person that has died simply because of the fear of turning on the fire or lights it annoys and at the same time reaffirms by belief in living green, yes at first the cost of the equipment is expensive but then i have sacrificed and saved hard to get the things that will carry on and produce power at no cost both to myself or the environment  .


So at the hermit hovel i have both solar and wind power and a good supply of batteries .

another of the things i simply can’t get my head round WATER bills

so for the past 25 years i have collected my own water from streams or the rain that falls from the sky


So why do i live a simple green life ???????????????/,

easy freedom, freedom from bills and at the same till trying to look after my wee bit of the earth i happen to living on at the time .

to ability to up and go and not be tied down by debt


peace and light


Andy the dafthermit






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