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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Living the simple life,frogs ,bees , filmmaker and willow trees




The ever changing view from the bedroom window,The simple life is getting easier but as always the simple life needs so much work and planning to get any results.

A new order has been placed at Maplins for exterior solar lights and so with them fixed  the lighting around the wee bus will be finished and as always lighting without bills magic .

The summer has been so busy and there never seems to be enough hours in the day but as we head towards my favourite time of the year the Winter the pace quickens .

I have placed an order for 100 6ft willow trees which should be delivered sometime in November

I have always loved the willow plant so versatile

at a growing rate of up to 6 ft per year the create a quick screen for privacy

also they allow cover for birds insect etc

and after 2 to 3 years you can start to collect fire wood so eventually we will be totally self sufficient with regards wood another bill gone

not forgetting the fact that they produce oxygen .





Found this wee chap inside the horsebox he looked like he was on his last legs but i slowly picked him up and carried him to some flowers and watched as over an hour he regained his strength and was soon flying and buzzing between plants doing all humans the favour of pollination so we can all eat

With the rapid decline across the planet of this wee insect it feels good to help as much as possible this wee one.



While stacking all the wood after another delivery we came across this wee chap and after a couple of snaps i moved him to the new log pile and watched as he nudged his way deeper into the log pile .

Life in the mountains has so many rewards but to me the animals insects and birds are simply wonderful to watch and be around.





 The Blackbus has now got its own postcode so i have made a sign and a large letterbox to placed near the road so the postie can quickly pop in the mail





Got an email today to say we have someone coming in a couple of weeks to do half a days filming about us for a film he is doing about life in the Scottish highlands


Also it is a little over a month till my films will be shown at the Loch Ness Film Festival so all in all the simple life is getting more and more busier


peace and light from us all here


Live your dreams

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