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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

URGENT HELP NEEDED Hats for sale ( save a hermit)

2010-07-20 for sale  2010-07-20 for sale1

                                           Help Needed
It is late on a Tuesday night here in the Scottish mountains ,outside the rain is beating doon and the mist has enveloped us ,no fire in the hearth as we have run oot of wood so no sign of the two wee starving hermits is visible.

The cupboards are bare and cobwebs stretch from door to door even our cat Wilkie has wrapped a hanky around a pole and attached it to a wee stick and mumbling something about he is off to find someone to give him a meal .. any meal

No food is in any cupboards save a wee rusty tin of mustard till Monday…

Will we make it ????
Who knows so if no more blog posts appear, forgive me and it has been amazing to meet you all here as else where on the net

We have managed to with the last of our joint strength to make and put the two wee hats up for sale on Ebay so if you can please help save two wee hermits from a cold and certain death ..

then pop over a place a wee bid on Ebay

LOVE AND PEACE TO YOU ALL and farewell to all my wonderful friends xx

Click here if you wish to place a wee bid

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