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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Open your bloody eyes ( wee beastie in a bucket)



Last night was a lovely warm night up here in the mountains and sitting outside enjoying it i noticed a wee beastie in the water barrel struggling it’s wee legs flaying in an attempt to save itself ,i reached in and scooped it up and out and gently placed it on the ground.

Over the next few minutes i watched as it eagerly cleaned and dried itself its wings once again held stiff and out right the last small droplet of water expelled from its delicate body .

until with a wee leap it was once again able to be airborne

smiling as it gained height

i got up to go in and get my late night cup of coffee when a loud buzz approached i watched as the wee beastie dived at me and landing on my lip took a good hold and bit me ,then headed off up the glen..

As my lip began to swell i smiled at the lesson i had just been shown ..


Instinct ,life and survival all in a water barrel.

The news that has filtered in to us through our wee radio here in the tin can this week has really disturbed me and just like that wee beastie it feels as though sometimes we are all flaying around to survive and instead of using our brain which we have been gifted ,blessed or simply evolved with we resort to instinct and the mob mentality

rules and unsaid forms of behaviour from the distant primary school days come back to me and just like  bullies then ,bullies now wander the world ,the only difference is in the scale .

Anyone that has the guts to stand up and speak out are gunned down either verbally or with a hidden snipers bullet and again the world is plunged into the darkness..

while sitting at the carpark in Dingwall i watched as woman approached a massive smile beaming out

i opened the window and before i could say anything she smiled and began to thank me ,unsure what it was i had done i listened as she continued to thank me a wish there were more people around like me .

eventually i found out what i had done and it was simply that while driving into town i had stopped and let a load of cars out from a side road

Eventually she headed of to the shops waving and smiling

A little later Mel came out and told me that the woman had found her in the shop and while Mel was busy loading her bags told her that she had such a lovely husband..

To me and that woman for a wee moment the world seemed like a wonderful place and why

simply because someone takes the time to stop and let someone and out and then smiles are exchanged ..

We all need to open our eyes and speak out and simply say enough is enough we will not stand by as the bullies barge their way through life without a care for their fellow humans or the environment

I pray that one day we will all be blessed with a leader or a country that leads the way to a brighter world

as i said i listened to the radio and one report was about the crisis in Korea and the sinking of the south Korean ship over a month ago ..

Then a shudder of fear gripped my body as the reporter stated that America had informed the south that they would stand by them

again images of primary school days flooded my wee brain

we need leaders not bullies and people that simply follow the popular vote so that they can continue to have power

Image for a moment that The president of America took an approach of humility instead of beating his chest and went to the border of North and south Korea and let it be know he wanted to simply to talk to the leader of the north

like what happened here  with the IRA ,you will never win anything by simply trying to over power people with force and like what happened in Vietnam when you come up against people that believe in more than just money and burgers no matter how much force you use you will lose

The only way is to break away from the school yard and TALK TALK and when that fails talk talk again

If the president approached the border naked and ready to talk

the message that would send out would be far more powerful than all the attack helicopters and troops you could muster


Here in the UK some people  still have the belief that we rule the world still with images of that pink map and our long lost empires

so still we plough huge amounts of money into weapons etc money that we can not afford but we must keep up the pretence that we are a super power

like the wee guy in the play ground that is willing to do anything to be accepted into the gang ..

so sad and humiliating

The other main topic is the oil spill as it is described ( thoughts of a spilled cup of milk) funny how a few words can lessen something so serious

this is not a simply a spill it is a huge crisis possibly one of the largest we have had happen

will this make us all stop and question what we are doing .i think not as a person that once lived in the rat race and all that that brings time is simply the main issue

a quick look at the screen as you rush out the door a slice of toast hanging from your gob the bills that are on their way ,that never stop the new sofa the new tv the car payments ,the MORTGAGE

must be paid

but a quick grunt at the screen wow that is terrible

but rush rush and the daily battle numbs down any thoughts of what we are doing to the planet

This disaster will have effects far more reaching

that have not even been talked about .. YET..

So as i sit here in my wee tin can and write this waffle it drives me to wanting to change not only myself and my countless faults but everything around me i look for lessons in Nature and usually the answers are there as well ,but above all i hope for change

I pray that the world will grow up and think a little more mature than we did in our primary school days ….

peace and light

Andy the dafthermit x



Life from the smallest as yet undiscovered creature in the deepest ocean to the largest animal swimming our wonderful planet

we are all connected and if we mess up what to us seems small and of no matter WILL come back to haunt us all

if the next oil disaster happens in the Artic then all life on the planet will be affected , the Artic is the garden of the oceans

we must stop the oil drilling there NOW and for once put our planet first before our constant need to upgrade




  1. My friend...if it would only happen for a bit! Men stopping to consider all the consequences before scrambling for the almighty dollar!

    Sad indeed, that the search for profit outdoes the search for a peaceful heart!

    Mother Earth has just about had enough...and she is starting to let us know!

    Peace and light, my brother!

  2. Hi Jim

    so true my friend money money is the new god

    aye i reckon Mother Earth is going to give us all a massive kick up the bum

    peace and light my good friend


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