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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Writers block / deluge or should that be creative block/deluge…


Over the last few weeks i have seen this question asked over and over ..

Writers block how do you cope with it ?
For me the exact opposite has always been my problem ( if it is a problem)

Since i was a wee boy i have always been a person that rejoices in learning and like a wee boy i was so excited at having learned something or other .( but learned at an early age to hide this outward show of joy at learning )
The older i get this thought process has not stopped in fact as i have said now i have hundreds of ideas flood my wee brain daily ( just ask Mel lol)..
I see a flower
i want to write, draw and make a wee film about it and while i am thinking of how to do this another thing or idea flashes into my brain and off i go down that route and so it continues throughout the day . only stopping briefly while i drift of to sleep but then the wee boy takes over and my dreams are full of ideas for the next day (often i will wake to write something down then drift of to the land of nod till the next one emerges ) then as my brain fills and i am forced to get out of bed and head to the horsebox and make a start on the latest wee idea .

When i was younger i turned to alcohol as a way to shut down my creative side ,i would get as many cans usually Guiness and close the outside door to the world turn up the music and escape from all the negative stuff around me at the time .

At 49 and with the help of a camera and laptop i am able to at last release that wee excited boy and truly rejoice in life and not feel the burden of others with their negative thoughts that they thought was ok to off load onto me ,even though i now know it was just a way for them to feel better about themselves simply to attack someone that is truly in awe with life .

So now i no longer drink and take very little drugs even for a headache instead my craft has become my life and through my writing photography films etc i am able to be truly at peace with the world .

I am able to wake in the mountains of Scotland and wander bare foot ,i am able to simply dance under the moon and wave my bare arse at the negative thoughts and love the fact that i am blessed with the ability to see the colours smell the smells feel the cold highland water between my dirty toes and then put it onto film
and through comments i get
i know that other people  draw inspiration from them
and this fills my old heart with even more joy and drives me on to write better etc
But at times my wee brain feels like it will explode with ideas and just wondered if you get this ?

Andy the Dafthermit
winter wonder 087-1

a wee fat bald hermit

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  1. Good on ya Andy! Here's the way I see it: The more engaged with the world one is, the more inspired one will be.

    Inspiration can come from anywhere, gotta have yer eyes open, and brain functioning to recognize it when it happens....


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