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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Two more films accepted at the loch ness film festival,Mel to have a wee poem published ,but apart from that not a lot going on

medicine cover image
Medicine by Sally click here to visit her site

Well finally managed to drag myself from the mountains and get my bum on the net ..

What has been happening in the wee world of the fat bald git’s wee tin can in the mountains..

apart from sitting on my ever growing behind we have had a wonderful trip doon the mountains to get supplies etc whole other story…

Just got news that two more films are to shown in Sep at the Loch Ness Film festival

the two films are

On The Ground :

and also :
Brian’s story :

I am busy trying to get the last film up and ready but i don’t think i will have time so i will probably send the new film Lazy through.

Thought i would share some thoughts from people on my stuff from the tin can

This is wonderful Andy and Mel. thank you! Emmie
What a beautiful surroundings hey !
And you're an amazing editor too !
The song fits the video perfectly !
So awesome Andy This is wonderful and I like the music.
habbie101 A bad case of split sides here
skye2504 lol. and now i can't get this song out of my head :-))
cogermax91 very fun !bravo !*****
Hi Andy!
I want a Viking hat too!
Great vid - wish I had your patience.
Travis: no' heard them in a Coo's age - great choon... ;)
Stuart the Stag says 'hi' 2 weeks ago
that was great Andy ! very creative and fun!
love to you and mel
the welshies ! xxx
Very clever andy, mind you there have been mornings when I have felt a little rough but I've never had the shakes that bad.
You can change hats, glasses an clothes quickly ! I'm not that quick when I wake up ! LOL
Great video buddy !

  • MsJENNY59

  • Hi andy, love the video and the music, love to you and mel, xx jenny

  • ChrysalisDesignsRM

  • Andy it is fabulous! I love the way, I am chasing my dream....loving my life, my husband, my children and my wee precious is grand isn't it? Keep on keepin on friend:) Gina
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Wow, I need to go to Scotland! Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for making these videos.
CatherineShanahan Marked as spam
Hi Andy, I found you on Viral Networkers, great channel you've got and I love the fact you travel around, that is fantastic, look forward to your updates and would appreciate a subscribe back, my best wishes, Catherine :-)
dana8567 (1 month ago)
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Glad to have you as a friend as well. I had the privilege of seeing your country in 2004, it is the most beautiful place I've ever seen. I stayed on the Isle of Skye with a friend. I hope to come back soon for another visit, would love to meet you if possible. :)

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