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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Road to desolation, isolation and wilderness

Full Blue (2)

Many people use these words after a journey to visit us .
While looking out and gazing at the mountains ,sky and beyond..

I understand these thoughts
On a night with the skies bursting to overflow with stars
and as the engine revs up i steady myself for the up and coming journey to the wastelands wilderness and isolation that i know lays ahead.
With a firm grip on the steering wheel i engage first gear and set of steadily at first reluctant to leave the wonder that is the hermit tin can ..
An owl swoops from the left side trees and follows us down the road his face beaming with the joy of life as we approach silver bridge he banks to the left and is gone twisting and dodging his way through the silver birch woods ..

With a smile i face front and push on as the mountains slowly disappear into the distant their snow caps just visible .
from now on  the wilderness and wastelands begin
Slowly the stars disappear under an orange glow from the mirriad of street lights
Where trees ,mountains streams ,deer,eagles,swans,weather were wrapped around me now concrete noise sirens traffic alarms and endless buildings

Aye, i know your journey to us and the wilderness the complete isolation of  the mountains the emptiness of all you see infront of you …


  1. Masterful wordsmithing Andy, bravo! As the city feels alien to you, so does the land to me. My natural habitat is afloat on the sea, among her many glorious creatures. Away from the trappings of "civilization". Immersed in the cobalt blue, in wonder of the miracle of creation so few have seen....

  2. Many many thanks my brother

    peace and light from the tin can


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