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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A lack of tolerance (a time to switch off for a while)

2009-03-21 daft hermit


Waking up today to yet more suicide bombings somewhere in the world the whole idea of the modern world and the constant bombardment with news from across the globe rings in my head and the headache which started a few days ago gets worse.

What drives someone to wake up in the morning and strap a bomb to their stomach and head off to kill ?????

Living in these times of instant mail and constant opinions being hurled across the net you feel overwhelmed by all the negative stuff when a wee voice says “simply switch it off”seems to ease my mind .

The ones with the loudest voices scream louder and louder in there whispers of fear

The lack of tolerance towards people that don’t belong to this clique or that clique ( this country or that country)even when it comes to forums on the net ,scares me (what is on the way)and living in a world where the so called super powers struggle like teenagers to show of their great might…

To this fat bald idiot that lives in a tin can watching America struggle with the whole idea that they WILL lose there so called standing in the world and like the saying goes

it is at these times when their true colours will be shown

In a world where you get slagged of for caring about the environment or happen to have ideas that differ from the masses ,where people hurl abuse and expect the person on the receiving end to just take it without even answering back

if you do dare to answer back you are greeted with “chill out”or “ don’t take it to heart” etc etc

I finished a wee film not long ago called “Arthritis ,i love to boogie”

and although most of the comments where good and it made people smile etc ,i got quite a few abusive ones..

The whole idea of my wee film was to stick to fingers up to an illness i have suffered with for many years there being days when i can hardly move and the pain like a constant toothache seems to sit at every tip of every joint as if some crazy dentist is having fun with a newly presented  gift of a drill ..

My way of dealing with pain has always been through my humour and with the use of my films stories and pictures i battle through this pain ( i don’t believe in taking medicines and pills i try to let my body heal itself)

What drives someone to wake up in the morning and strap a bomb to their stomach and head off to kill ?????

Listening to the news you would be forgiven for thinking  that America is the only country in the world ..

Instead of shouting louder and louder stop for a moment and listen to someone who might think different from you maybe by some bloody mad bit of luck he or she might have some answers

Some of us living on the planet want a bit of dirt between our toes some of us want to have wrinkles and lines on our faces (a life without a scar is no life)

So as i pack up my laptop and head off for a much needed time of reflection i hope and pray that one day we will all learn to show some tolerance towards other people from far of lands that have the audacity to think different from us here in the west

as you pass the tramp in the gutter just think ,as a person that has been there myself and lived through it i would never give up those times of the gutter i learnt so much

then as having lived as a traveller or what ever you wish to call me i would never give up this way of life it has shown and taught me so much about life .


 What drives someone to wake up in the morning and strap a bomb to their stomach and head off to kill ?????


to answer the question i pose here

I have no idea i only know that if you keep shouting at and bombing people they will not listen to you and i guess the many reasons why someone would do that would surprise us all

so the next time you hurl abuse at someone you perceive to be different just stop a moment and think …

Everyone on the planet eats ,sleeps, dreams ,hopes and shits all of us and we all WILL die ..

peace and light


The Dafthermit x


P.S Hi Marcia Mel sends her love


P.P.S Hi Valerie and Derek it was lovely to finally meet you both ,hope you had a wonderful trip to Ullapool


butterfly 022


  1. My is a question that haunts many of us, I guess! What would cause someone to strap on a bomb and head off to blow up some innocent people is beyond me.

    The feel of dirt between my toes is a memory that still rings large in my mind!

    Fishing in a small pool, hidden from the rest of the world...hearing the birds singing without having them droned out by the sound of sirens or gunshots or yelling neighbors...being stuck in a place I really don't want to be, because I am needed...and most of all, not having the courage to simply "switch off" for a bit! These are things that tend to linger a while on my mind!

    Good post, my friend!

    Peace and love, you both!

  2. Hi Jim

    many thanks for popping bye and as always you make me think even more my friend

    peace and love to you and your family


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