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Friday, 30 April 2010


The smell of a flower
A full moon
A new moon
The flow of a river…….
Wood smoke drifting
The colour blue
the smell and taste of a fish supper,
the call of a fog horn
the smile of a child
wind in the trees….
a sunrise
the dawn chorus
the flight of an eagle
the buzz of a bee,
the bark of a stag
and croak of a thousand frogs…..
the movement of a field of golden wheat in the early summer
silver birch covered in moss
the flutter of a butterfly
the nudge of a dog
the purr from a contented cat..
clouds in a blue sky
the trail of a comet
a sky filled to overflow of stars.
coffee roasting
fresh bread resting..
a v8 engine
the sound of a flute
the roar at Hamden
the kiss of a loved one
the hug of a stranger
the flow and ebb of a tide on a pebble beach
a warm cosy bed
the roar of a fire
and gold
the call of an eagle
the chirp of a pied wagtail
a horse in full gallop

These are some things that inspire me
what about YOU ???….
Full Blue (2)

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