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Friday, 9 April 2010

Hermit is Back


Well i am back after a wonderful day spent away from the computer ,and now my wee head is full of even more ideas for films and more stories that is the trouble with living in such an inspiring place LOL.

We as always had a wonderful trip down from the mountains and met up with so many friends

My wee story The Final leap has now been published in the Auchnesheen and Garve paper so strange and exciting to see my wee story in print i have been asked to do more so will quite happily bore the highland folk with more tales from the burner / tin can.

Hamish my friend managed to watch Arthritis i love to boogie which i did for him on a DVD and loved it ,to me to see someone smile at my work is worth all the money in the world ..

The festival is slowly taking off and it feels so much better this time i refuse to let the moaners and negative views stop me and what i love to do which is to meet inspiring people and to help as much as i can .

Jackie the lady that runs the paper done a wee piece in her paper about someone that had complained about not enough editorial and to many adverts

she was forced to check it out and printed the results

and stated that if you want more stories then send them in ??????

this to me is exactly what i am talking about it is easy to knock something that a person has worked hard on EVEN when you get it free

I say keep your negative thoughts to yourself and get off your arse and start to take an active roll instead ,then you may even find out how much actual time and effort goes into these things ,that you so easily knock..

Rock on all artists poets writers painters and crafters

Peace and light

Andy The Dafthermit


  1. Nothing like a bit of a break to freshen up the old thought process, Right?

    My friend, we all need that from time to time!

    Have a great day, buddy!

  2. Hi Jim

    aye my friend

    had a wonderful time with my camera in the mountains

    many thanks for popping bye

  3. Full speed ahead Andy, you do wonderful work. Never let 'em bring ya down....

  4. Hi Mayberry

    many thanks my friend aye i am learning NOT TO my friend

    many thanks for your support and for popping bye



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