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Friday, 23 April 2010

Email to Tescos Superstore ,the shame and disgrace of the BEEP BEEP


Dear Sir/Madam

Let me tell you a wee story of a once loyal Tesco customer of more years than i care to think of that is no more .

On a wonderful sunny highland spring day myself and my wife went shopping and as always we made a bee line for our local Tesco store a place i know only too well as my wife has shopped at your stores all over this country
I dread to think of the thousands that has been spent at your many stores over the years ..

Well all that has changed
(and as if one of the many storms i have watched rush into our wee mountain home from a furious Atlantic ,that brings with it darkness and cold )
As i said on a wonderful sunny highland spring day with the eagles dancing in the sky ,flowers of all colours jumping for joy at the coming season and with a feeling of happiness ,i followed my wife into the store, a rare event indeed as i am usually consigned to a long wait in the car park … ( which must always be followed by a cheery “did you get everything dear “ or else..)

And as long as i live i will rue the day i stepped into your store to purchase a much needed hard drive for my laptop
Once i had chosen the said item i headed to the checkout while my wife disappeared further into your well lit store clutching the remainder of the money ( never to be seen again,no matter if it is £10 or £300)

At the checkout i paid for my two items and with a smile and receipt firmly grasped in my hand headed to the door and the usual 1 to 2 hour wait for my beautiful wife…
when my life changed ……….

As i headed out the door a loud
filled the store and off into the car park
I froze unsure what to do and looked outside as people all going about their business stopped and stared ,at this person who was frozen to the spot
A quick glance was exchanged by myself and the other 3 people trapped by the alarm ,but as they realised it wasn’t them they headed off leaving me to face the music alone..
instantly a wave of judgemental thoughts scurried and rushed at me from all corners of the car park ..
The realisation that the alarm was targeted at me ,the feeling of wanting to run and hide overwhelmed me but my legs refused to obey.
Panic ensued my every thought
what if ,had i ,etc etc
A sweat of panic bathed  my body soaking my whiter than white clothing ( if only i had that underarm stuff Mel buys 2 for 1 )

was all i could think …..

Unsure what i was to do i turned as a security guy headed over and led me to his desk and in full view of all the customers in the store started to check my bag and goods…
From up the aisle by the veg a woman stood
and holding a cucumber in her hand shot me a look of complete disgust the likes i have never felt no matter where i looked i was greeted by similar looks
until i felt like some piece of scum and thief to boot ( even though i knew i had paid)
To me as a loyal and honest customer i can’t understand how you can do that to people
I realise you have to try and stop the theft from your stores ,but if you happen to catch an  honest customer in that net the very least you could do

is take them somewhere private and if you find out you are wrong then i think a wee token from you would go a long way .. to heal the shame and disgrace

Since this event i have dipped into a deep depression and find that my creative side has gone
no longer am i able to admire the sheer beauty that surrounds me in my home in the mountains

i just pray that the day comes soon when i am happy and free again..
As until that visit to your store i had been an up and coming an filmmaker and story teller
I find now that i am unable to sleep the constant dark cloud of shame follows me everywhere even to my once warm and cosy bed ….
My dreams now are no longer filled with the wonder of life ,thoughts of my next film or poem,story or whatever
but instead are filled with an enveloping darkness and a bright neon banner that every night seems to get brighter
that streams across my closed eyes

and always the sound
so now i find at the age off 49 i am considering a rare visit to the doctors for help…


a once loyal customer

The Dafthermit


  1. Um, those disapproving looks might not have been directed at you. Everytime I hear those wretched beeps, I think to myself that some blank-faced shop assistance has, once again, failed to remove all the security tags and for that my eardrums are being assaulted because they were too busy thinking of the club they want to go to, etc.

    I have also been known to think worse of security guards who have watched you walk all the way from the tills, receipt still in hand, waited for the beeps to go off, searched customers and then informed the checkout person they haven't removed all the tags and actually point to the offending tag (having known all along it was never removed), but they were bored and wanted something to do.

    I've had a security guard rip open christmas wrapping, and tear open the package (yes, literally rip and tear) bought at another store, and remove the tag. Of course, I couldn't then return the item because the security guard had ripped it open because it set off his beep beep and I couldn't then give the item as a gift for the same reason. I couldn't have done anything different as he had grabbed my bags from me and put each item through the beep beep whilst I had to stand and watch.

    No, any dirty looks from other customers were probably not directed at you, but rather the beep beep machines, the security guard or the staff.

    Fear not, my friend, you are innocent.

  2. many thanks my friend for your comment

    this started as a wee bit of a joke but it has stirred up some comments from people all over who have had similar things happen

    just think with a wee bit of care they could deal with people so much better

    peace and light


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