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Monday, 5 April 2010

Any Port In A Storm


You Know things are bad out at sea when you call in at Ullapool and these boys are tied up.
As a kid being brought up in Scotland and living close to the sea my admiration for these guys and what they do to bring us all our Fish suppers has only grown throughout my time on this earth.

I was going to go off on a rant today but i just can’t be bothered and after our trip out and through the mountains some idiot or two on the net just drifts of into the wind

I love Ullapool and slowly we are being more welcomed to the point i know i will never leave the highlands ,i just love the highland way .
a point in case being the train from Edinburgh to Inverness got well and truly stuck in a huge snow drift and the train that was sent out also got stuck so another was dispatched to help

Eventually after many hours they pulled into Inverness and not one person complained in fact it was smiles all round and maybe the odd wee dram or two helped but the spirit off the highlands rings out ..

We have got used to wee whispers in our ears either at the doctors or the shops in and around Ullapool..

Are you not the couple from the wee bus up in the mountains has been whispered so many times and usually followed by

“ooh ,wee were all a wee bit worried about you “

even the doctor and all the people in the surgery asked after us saying they were worried as well ..
So to me if you ever happen to need a port to call in at in a storm i can tell you you can do a lot worse than the wee magical village that is ULLAPOOL ..

Ps sorry i missed you Heidi , i will email you


  1. I have a dream of living in Ullapool, which I a slowly working towards. I fell in love with the place on approach from the Hebridean ferry and the feeling deepend as I walked around the streets. Just beautiful.

  2. Hi My friend

    aye it is a special place and i hope your dream comes true

    you can pop in for a wee coffee on the way

    peace and light from the wee tin can


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