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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Turn left at the moon,Deadly Invader




                                            As the two suns rose above the far of mountains

The planet began another day bathed in there golden rays ,everywhere life stirred from the crystal clear pools high in the mountains to the forests that blanketed huge areas of the planet and on to the blue oceans life teemed and started the daily wonder that is life

             For millions of years the natural cycle had played out this truly wonderful picture

Then one day in the sky a small object came into view ,it thundered through the bright blue sky trailing a tail of flames it hurtled to the ground beyond the forest

Life on the planet would never be the same again

Within a few years the invader from far out in space had changed the once beautiful planet beyond all recognition..

Where once huge tracks of land had been covered in trees ,now only small pockets remained

The organism that had arrived swept across the planet killing everything in its way even deep in the ocean the animals and other life were not save from the deadly invader

Soon rivers that had flowed untroubled to the oceans for millions of years now slithered full of dark and bubbling fluids killing all life in them starving the fish of the needed oxygen and minerals they needed to survive


Across the planet all life was in a war it had no chance  of winning

One by one the animals died out ,until one day only the deadly virus that had arrived from space was the last visible sign of life until even that DIED to..

The small space craft the original capsule to carry the deadly invader crumpled into the ground along with the millions that bad followed ,until the day the planet began to rebuild and one day the way it had been will return again ….

                                                           The End



  1. Very interesting thought, my friend. Sounds like something that could be expanded on to make a larger story!

    Thanks for the read this morning!

  2. Hi Jim

    many thanks my friend for popping bye

    so glad you enjoyed it aye i was thinking of expanding it

    peace and light from us all here in the wee tin can


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