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Saturday, 13 March 2010

From the Scratchy heed studios ,two poems and a wee film and some waffle ,the joy of creativity in the Scottish highlands



2010-03-062   2009-12-20


For me the joy at being able to drift off both in mind and soul and be creative is what i love the most

my approach to any craft be it woodwork photography or film is that i approach it as in my life i through the rules out the window and play like a wee boy .

Many times so called mistakes have led me on a path of exploration that never ceases to amaze me , i believe that too many rules can destroy us ,the freedom to toss our ideas in the air and just have fun can lead to us to create with an open mind and therefore a more expressive art will evolve .


Anyway enough waffle here is two poems by Mel both written and on you tube

she wrote these this morning while we were having our first coffee of the day  .and the wee film of mine is something i have been working on for a while now

I hope you enjoy our stuff from the Scratchy heed studio in the wee tin can in the Scottish highlands

peace and light

The Dafthermits xx


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