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Sunday, 24 January 2010

EXPLOSION‘S in the bus, The Italian Job/stew,never again


All around the bus
The evening stars shone bright
A flurry of fresh snow was falling
The roaring fire casting a warm yellow glow
Belly’s full with Mel’s Italian Stew
So of to bed content and happy

The dogs by the burner curled and relaxed
The cats in their chosen beds for the night
One on the tele the other under the sofa

Drifting drifting and gently the land of nod calls
All aboard the bus was peace and quiet.

Then in the darkness of the early hours
A strange rumble could be heard
Quickly followed by another then another
Then An explosion the likes had never been heard in the highlands
A terrifying sound that alerted me from my wonderful sleep
Then another explosion this time louder and longer

with Sudden realisation the Italian stew was back
and with the remembered advice of NEVER NEVER AGAIN
ringing in my head

I prayed and rolled over, tugging at the quilt to try and fall back off to sleep

But a minute or two later another roll of thunder
This time the dogs sat bolt upright
and with looks of worry etched on their faces they bolted to the bed DAD DAD DAD’S in trouble

With long moist nose’s sniffing the air


The worried look on both their faces was quickly replaced by

a look of abject terror
with a fleeting glance between them exchanged
all thoughts of love and worry for dad had gone

OH NO DADS off again
QUICK QUICK dive for the nearest cover all dogs for themselves

For the next hour or two i lay there rumble rumble explosion explosion
not to mention the SMELL god the SMELL

WELL ,no more could i stand it and with a roar i commanded my bum to leave get out the door
OUT OUT get out the door
but all to no avail

So in an attempt to sleep oh god sleep
and with my disgraced and disowned bum now hanging from the bed no quilt for that
i tried tried to sleep sleep again

and with one final feeble PUTT PUTT i drifted back to sleep

with a smile on my face i began to dream when “BANG “
but this time to my relief i knew it wasn’t me
and i lay there in dread
for all around i could hear one by one the animals begin

Oh shit,i had forgotten , Mel had fed the animals the last of the Italian STEW OH GOD NO NO

and with the noise of a passing deer at the window, and i swear as it headed off i could hear the PUTT PUTT of the dreaded Italian Stew……..
i rolled over and screamed NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN…


  1. Now that is a very recognizable condition, my friend! I can only say...glad I wasn't there this time!

    I'm still smiling!

  2. hi my good friend

    many thanks for popping bye

    aye i wish i wasn't there either

    peace and light my good bud

    and i will pop bye for a wee coffee


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