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Monday, 12 October 2009

The Pigs With Their Noses In The Trough (Money & Image The Destroyers Of Democracy )

2009-03-21 daft hermit
Waking up today and switching on the radio ,I see the pigs at the UK houses of parliament are at it again more expense’s scandals..
They the people who are elected to lead the nation ,but from day one at the house are more interested in lining their own pockets already with one eye on the day they are booted out
For the next load of pigs to file in promising us all a better world and a fairer government one that will listen to the people
Complete bull shit..
This is no democracy we all live in ,we are dictated to by the pigs as they lift their heads up out of the trough for a brief second
to spout out some crap they have decided we should all obey then with a yeah ,yeah
And with some caviar dripping from their over stuffed gobs
It is head down and pig ON…
Not some sandwiches but a three coarse meal “oh put it on expenses..”
Watch as they enter the house and over the next few years they start to appear in designer suits getting more and more manicured
If you take the case of smokers ,you can see right through their waffle
We no more live in a true democracy than the people of North Korea or the people that lived in Natzi Germany.
For a true democracy there has to be choice if you don’t smoke fine …
You take the first three carriages with a conductor that refrains from the evil weed ..

But for those of us that CHOOSE to smoke we have the last three carriages to enjoy our fags in peace .
same for pubs etc etc etc …………………
We are bombarded with images of how terrible it is to smoke ,even to the point that they use a child on screen begging his parents to stop puffing..
Well sod YOU i will carry on smoking till the day i drop
And you carry on taking your wee pills from the chemist ?
This attitude prevails all our society
Footballers with their obscene wages, nancy about and rub their wealth into the faces of the people who obediently  pay for the next away/home/strip
and ever increasing ticket prices .. drain the last few coffers from peoples pockets so they can drive the latest super car..
With their sanitisation of all in our nation they have stripped us of our passion
When i was a kid the thought of one day being able to walk onto Hampden Park and pull on a SCOTTISH shirt (without the mention of money)and play for my nation filled me with pride and for a brief moment all the stupidity of the in fighting between visiting teams was forgotten and the nation came together
Even when Scotland was getting hammered by some incredible team the singing would ring out in support because you could see the players where putting everything into the game
At the end of most games you would see players strewn across the park on the ground totally exhausted and still the fans would sing on

You would watch the winning team leave the field wondering “did we not just win “
Now they are paid vast sums of money and the passion has gone they are more worried about breaking a nail and how will that look in their next million pound ad for some aftershave or whatever bull shit they endorse to try and sell us ..
Until the day when these people truly lead by example we are forced to live in a world full of greed and insane laws forced to listen to double standards spew out of the gutter that is their collective party 
The day when a politician stands up and says i am happy to get £500 a week and do what i can for my nation and the world
The day when a footballer says he will take £1000 a week and no more (cant have him totally roughing it,he has to still have his moisturiser )
When this day comes truly will things change and the old passion for politics and football along with so much else in all our lives be reinstated and we can come together and change the world.
Creativity my medication against and insane and heartless world…

The Dafthermit

Reflection on thoughts:

In a nation and a world that daily gets more and more plastic and realness is a thing designated to the pages of history
I still believe that to see if your spirit is true then stand in the wild and see if the wildlife respects and trusts you.
We have deer wander through our wee homestead and to stand a few feet from them and look into their eyes you see the real world and what we could all have not some wii made up existence…
So as you stand before me and preach your crap REMEBER some of us are still true to life and see right through your made up exterior for the pig that hides and attacks within.
Remember some of us have retained a brain and feelings
Remember too YOU WILL NEVER make us believe your crap..
So take your whiter than white powder your Eastenders and your wii and sod off ……….

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