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Friday, 7 August 2009

Lifting the Skirt of civilization a Time to retreat (aye that’s a wee bit of dirt between my toes!!!!!!!)

The last few days have struck home once again.. how DAFT i really am….
A few things have happened over the last few days which have really brought me to my senses and once again i find myself retreating arms held firmly to my sides and now i look after my family and that is it ……

I have been debating with myself as to if i should shut down all the sites i am on as well as my accounts
I have not yet found the answer to that ..

I shocks me how easily so called civilized people as they stand there a smile on their face and yet hatred bubbling under the made up exterior can believe it is NOT visible
People talk to me and believe that they are far better people than us simply because we live in a bus and have a wee bit off dirt between our toes..
I guess the thing is that they also belief that i am so thick that i can’t understand their blunted questions…. and remarks !!!!!

I have always been a person that will try to help anyone along the road of life
but from now on this old daft hermit is retreating from all the falseness and hatred that seems to prevail in this so called civilized society …

loyalty ,respect ,trust just three little words that seem to be dismissed as old fashioned thoughts

we are getting ready to head further away from people and towards OUR simple but beautiful way of life ,time to get back to the wonderful beauty that surrounds us ….
a hurt and sad hermit……………………………………………………………..

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