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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Dafthermit with a touch of orla Wren

This is my latest wee film from the highlands of Scotland using my images and this time i have been given the honour of using my friend Tui's music the CD of which has just been launched in Japan,

and for the last few weeks i have been busy in the horsebox trying to do the music justice

I hope you enjoy it , and i would love to hear what you think ?

once again my friend thank for the inspiration...........

Magical Musical Journey


Over the last few weeks i have been on a magical music journey.

My friend Tui has just released his latest CD which you can find here.

He has allowed me to use any of his music and the first track i have chosen to use is called The First Born Daughter Of Water

i urge you to take a few moments well maybe an hour or so ,and visit his magical site..

Anyway after many hours sat in the horsebox in the early hours of today i copied my work onto a dvd and went into the bus to show Mel..

It always sends pangs of worry through me when i show of my work ..

But Mel was well pleased and so i hope to show my good friend Tui what i have done and i hope he likes it..

So now i have 4 tracks and films ready for the 360 dvd , i will now try and get some of mels poetry voiced over and head into the soggy wet heather and try to capture some more 360 of this wonderful planet of our’s..

Happy travels the dafthermit

ps good luck not that you need it Tui with your CD xx

my 360 DVD can be seen here

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