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Friday, 15 May 2009

2050 sea level


By 2050 most of our major cities will be under severe attack from rising water levels .

Throughout the modern era we have carried on expanding our cities on the coast, this i believe will cause major problems as we battle to save them, but throughout history we are taught that mother nature will win the battle

The complete disregard and arrogance towards our planet as we are lead by our greed towards bigger and bigger ,and of course the never ending head long race for the profit above all else will as in the past destroy this civilization.

If we were alive at the time of the Roman empire or the Height of the Egyptians ,no one at that time could or would believe that a global power would one day with all their armies and wealth  disappear back into the dust and sand..

Why is it then that we in the modern era believe we are so superior to them and the countless civilizations that have come before us.

As on Easter island if taken as a small example of the way we treat the planet they destroyed all the resources which led to major battles between the island tribes.

As when scientists were puzzled by signs of a massive sunami and fallout from a volcano that had spread across the world could not for years find out where it was situated ,they had a rough idea it was somewhere in the yellowstone national park and hunted and hunted for it..

Only when we entered space and with the use of satellites was the answer revealed and the true horror or  complete awe visible.

The whole of Yellowstone Park was an immense crater ..

Sometimes we have to take a stand back to really get a picture of what is going on

as is my belief about the rat race not until one day when i said to myself enough did i finally understand the complete madness of it..

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