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Monday, 9 March 2009

White deer & life

                                 White Deer & Life



I woke this Sunday morning with the snow and wind blowing in from the north ,through the window in the bedroom i watched as the deer headed slowly down the hill to the shelter of the glen,grabbing the odd mouthful of food they managed to find buy shifting the snow with their front hoofs and then they all settled  down with their bums facing the storm oblivous to the build up of snow against them ... 

Jumping out of bed (well slowly and achily)to get the fire going and to make the first coffee of the day and as quickly retreated to my warm bed as i listened to  radio 4 everyone still snoring and grunting in their sleep with the odd yelp of pain from custard as in his dream he drops and loses some imagined chocolate .. legs twitching in a vein attempt to retrieve it then ,as quickly he settles down to dream again..

The six o'clock news was just starting and i listened in sadness as they went on to say that some soldiers in Ireland had been gunned down..

But the sadest news i heard and which hasn't been included in any further news broadcast a thing i have often noticed on the radio.early morning news announcements somehow vanish leaving you thinking did i imagine that..

Apparently somewhere on the Scottish borders a great hunter had come across a white stag very very rare and just as i was marvelling at the thought of coming across such a wonderful site ,the news reader went on to explain how the bloke with the hunting rights had advertised the white deer and who ever paid the most would get the honour of shooting it DEAD.....

Hope is the most important thing in life ,but when i hear this sort of stuff it stuns me how we as humans never seem to learn 
With all the stuff going on around the world how can it be that someone comes across something so beautiful and the first thing to come into their head is how much is it worth sad sad sad..

I have often thought of Jesus no matter what you think of him someone who lived all them years ago is still taked about ,like so many people throughout our history that dare to talk of peace,love understanding  they are gunned down maybe because they scare people or is it ,that like the white stag they are so beautiful and must be destroyed.....

We have been gifted with a brain that we are able to imagine and accomplish so much in our short stay on mother earth 
but seem to waste it scruyying about greedily for things..
and anything we don't understand Kill It Dead ....

We all have the power in us to lift ourselves to new heights never before having been attained, if we come together we will one day release our collective understanding and solve so many problems that we all as humans have in our lifes

If Jesus walked into the local town at first they would call him for being a nomad no job and waffling on about love and bollocks so in the 2000 years have we progressed ?

I believe that the world is at a huge crossroads because the greed has been shown up for what it is and we must take this oppertunity to walk a different path ........................


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