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Monday, 2 March 2009

Hi Fellow Hermits

  Up in the clouds  (full cicrle)


It's a little before 5.00pm and the light is slowly disappearing behind the mountain, 
Today has been a magical day not only because last night we escaped the yard and are now 20 miles to the nearest dwelling of any note .But after a wonderful drive up into the mountains in which we were able to slowly drive past huge stags at the roadside and listen as massive waterfalls spilt there watery burden off the edge of half hidden enormous cliffs and sending a fine mist of far off melted snow across the road and in through the opened window soaking the fag in my hand,
with the road winding and climbiing higher and higher all thoughts of fences and noisey scrapyard drifted out the window and are left to the wind and apart from the fuel tank splitting the old bus ran like a dream 
(the tank was rapidly repaired with some screws and some silicon sealant i didn't hang about as the pennies were escaping rapidly doon the drain.)

This morning i wondered oot the bus with my morning coffee and stood soaking in the surroundings,
huge white clouds were slowly drifting into the edge of one of the mountains as if putting a fluffy bonnet on the top of it and leaving a trail behind as they made their effortless way along the side then heading up the glen they envolped the bus before they  carried on thier journey having circumnavigated the mountain and our home onwards to the western isles and beyond.

After a few more fags i thought i would try and hitch back to Muir a journey of 30 miles 
and as Mel was still fast asleep i left a wee note to tell her were i was off to.
So checking i had my keys and wallet i made my way down the track to the road and found a wee perch to sit and hitch from ,
i had only just rolled my first fag and with only 3 cars having passed me when a 4 by 4 signalled and pulled in and when i said i was heading to the muir the couple said to jump in and with the thought of getting the horsebox and getting back even before Mel woke up we were of.

It turned out that Ed and Marianne run a guest house in Lochinver and were of to Inverness shopping for stuff to do the guest house up .and with talk of the highlands
All to quickly we reached my turn off after a brief conersation in Dutch  Ed then said it was ok they would take me to the truck really kind and thankyou both certainly saved the old dafthermit some sore feet.

After taking to Roy hamish and billy i got the truck and headed up the road when i saw two blokes thumbing so good to repay the kindness and with them lugging in amps guitars etc we headed doon the the road they were of to The Kyle of Lochash to do a giig so took them as far up the road as i could and with handshakes and smiles we parted 

So sitting here in the truck i feel so happy to be up in the clouds and back at a spot myself and Mel parked at many years ago 
it is always good to complete little circles in life and sitting here remembering those two different people of many years ago (15years) brings so much joy to still be with the person i love, 
and who has helpled me through some really bad things in life.

So dear friend it is time to go into the bus and the warm fire (which for the last week has not had to go on till late afternoon as it has been really mild )for my supper and in a day or so (as the nearest signal is 19 miles away) i will post this wee story onto the blackbus blog and hope you all are enjoying this wonderful exciting trip called LIFE .  x


                                                         FOUR SEASONS

We have now settled into our new parkup,this morning the mountains have thrown all the four seasons at us ,at the moment the rain and wind are driving into us from the north ,giving both vehicles a free jet wash 
clearing all the sand and dirt from the yard off them.

I woke to three Raf planes flying low over us (or maybe its the fact we are so high) i watched as the three of them created trails of smoke as they chased each another across the sky then in a flash they were gone leaving silence and rain behind.

I have always enjoyed full on weather it makes e feel so alive
Watching trees bending in the wind and birds being blown around the sky in a futile attempt to get to the other side of the glen.
Then as quickly as it has come the rain is gone and the sun bursts out from behind an angry looking cloud to shower us with light and warmth what a joy and a privelage to be able to live in such a powerful place so close to mother earth

I watched as little waves were born on one side of the loch and start to travel quickly across the open space.
 slowly gather energy and finally crash against the other side of the loch in a final display of mother natures power.

Dylan is full of energy and everytime i move to get a pen or something he is at the door ready to go out and explore.
So i think it is time to grab a flask and my camera and take a HIKE.......

                 Home in the Scottish Highlands

Like no other place i have been to, be it the wonderful Exmoor or Dartmoor to the lovely couty of Norfolk or black forest in Austria the the highlands seem to wrap around me and i feel more at ease with my life.

Travelling along the mountain roads as they wind there way gently through the mountains and glens one moment along the shore of 
a long dark peaty wind swept loch, the next moment you are passing through a forest  with trees full of long soft strands of moss hanging from spindly rain soaked Knarled branches of silver birch as if long forgotten xmas decorations.

As if watching some tennis match your head spins from the view too your right, a snow covered Ben, then just as you take in the perfect beauty of what you see ,quickly a movement or site catchs your left eye then back to the right.....

The sounds of the mountains be it some distant eagle calling as it effortlessly glides from glen to glen (making a mockery of them human clunky things called jets)or some stag bellowing his strength to anyone and everyone who will listen seem to flow through me as if electric passing through every molicule and resutling in feeling more alive ,more in touch with this amazing wonderful planet called we call Earth.

Everywhere history calls out,be it from the craggy moss covered rock an imagined clansman huddles from the northen wind and rain,
 the little clump of trees nestled at the slowly flowing river an imagined ancient settlement of people busy their selfs getting ready for the oncoming winter
gathering wood and everywhere laughter..

Travel these roads with your window wide open and your mind as open....
And the mountains will reward you with a gift you never believed possible in the hussle and bustle of this modern computerised world.

Standing on the top of a mountain As  you breathe in deeply your lungs scream for more, until they feel they will surely burst at any moment with the purity and sheer energy as the wind that threatens to blow you from the summit  ,born unseen far out too sea ,by a distant moon and deep deep water in an endless timeless batle and has travelled unobstructed across the Atlantic ocean. 
 until it hits the back of your troat with a force long forgotten and then travels speedily and determind to your lungs. leaving a faint tint of the sea as it does, filling your body with a long and nearly forgotten strength.....

As a kid i would climb Ben Bowie and do the same ,as i looked out across at Loch Lommond (often when i should have been at double maths ) it feels like so many years since i truly breathed ....

Standing by a small burn as is flows golden into the loch with no visible lights from anywhere the sky so clear and huge yet it seems to be completly carpeted in stars as if unable to fit even a single star  but somehow from the west a falling star is newly born and begins it's deahly journey ,weaves and squeezes somehow passing between them all.
 leaving it's firey trail across the  face of the new moon that is sitting lazily on the side of Ben Wyvis
Standing here in the highland moors i have never felt so at home and far from a lonely place the history and people of the highlands call out LISTEN  my friend.....................................

Come ,whatever you do in life, if but once, to the Scottish highlands, and sleep on a bed of moss under a moon lit night and open your heart........

The Happy Dafthermit x

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