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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Some old geezers and the confessions of a Carpenter (The Bible)

                mel sunset
As we enter a new century ,the 21st and time stretches out before us
on this wonderful journey of life.
Full of excitement at the turns and twists ahead
The joy of expanding our personal learning and seeking new and forgotten Knowledge.
I can’t help wander about a wee book i have picked up and read many times
and lain it back down
with the hairs on my neck at full stretch at the words and images contained within it.
That book being the bible ,
If for a single moment you forget all the religion and the negative things this single best selling book has gathered throughout the century’s
If you put it in another cover people would be amazed at the stories etc within.
As i say forget if you will that Jesus was the son of god and think that a wee man walked the earth 2000 years ago and we still talk about him…

If you think of a single story held within the covers
A wee man called Noah walked  the earth ,
Now image him walking the earth today warning us all of things ahead we have to heed or ignore at our peril how would we react to him?????

Well to me as a daft wee old hermit ,in my rusty we bus
The thing that scares me so much is that:

With all the trappings of the modern world that we surround our self with as if to insulate us from real life
we have not moved a single iota to advancing our  soul, spirit ,essence of being a human
We are no different from people that walked the earth 2000 years and more ago in fact we have become more selfish and greedy.
So quickly we turn on people that have visions dreams or simply have the time to think shit, what is coming our way ….

So just as Noah no doubt had people laugh and jeer him as he prepared
“I see Noah’s been gathering more wood what a nutter”
Hey Noah were is this flood LOL,

So today people that have the vision for a better world are hounded
and people that able to look with a clear vision at where we are heading ,
are mocked attacked and killed by the mindless cretin’s.for want of a better word evil prevails ..
But across the world people that care and have the foresight to look and learn
Are seeking a better way ,a path full of light love and happiness

so while you mock kill and look down on the good people .i pray that one day you take a wee moment to just stand and think
So on the day that Obama gets the peace prize and then bombs the moon ???
peace love and light to you all may this coming day be filled with love laughter and joy

The Dafthermit x


  1. can't say it straighter than that... history repeats itself dear friend!!

  2. Hi Ange

    Thanks for that my friend,it is my hope and dream that through the new medium of blogging and the net that we are able to force a change on the world no lnger will the pigs be able to feed at the trough while people die of hunge across the world

    many thank for your kind words at your blog peace and light my friend


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