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Monday, 18 May 2009

Alive In The Mountains (Life as a nomadic Hermit)

Alive In The Mountains.

In the last few years myself and Mel have chosen the nomadic hermit path for a number of reasons,i find that having chosen this path ,it has enable me to be a lot happier within myself and i know Mel enjoys the peace and quiet .

One of the many benefits to this way of life is you get time to think clearer away from the constant hustle and bustle of the modern way of life with all it’s false security and plastic veneers of happiness.

As you will know ,i enjoy the macro side of photography it has taken me down a path of wonder , and as a hermit i can sit for hours watching some insect or landscape and to me that is worth all the lottery millions,

For more years than i care to  remember i let myself be put down by people or events ,but now sitting in the mountains i am able to at last release all those negative things from my past and truly feel alive and free.

I love the way the mountains humble you as a human it reminds me of when i joined the army and they set to ,to form you into a unit .

It is the same here in the mountains they will find the false things about you and strip them away

But by relaxing with them

They and all the life here will build you up again slowly teaching you things you had forgotten or dismissed or had know idea existed..

I love the complete darkness that sometimes descends on our bus ,i know to a lot of people it is scary to be in the dark ,and sometimes i am frightened as well but as you sit and let your mind adjust to the surroundings you will find that all your senses are taken to new levels.

In the distance you can here deer gently walk past and some small animal to the right disappear into its burrow .the river seems to speak louder and clearer and if you open your ears you can hear it make its way round the large rock and carry on its endless journey picking up small rocks and taking them off to distant lands.

To pick up a flower that down the road in civilization is seen only as a WEED and look at it ,the sheer beauty of the shape , colour, and texture

Then the phrase WEED MY ARSE comes to mind..and the thought of millions of pounds all over the country spend to eradicate these wee flowers let alone all the chemicals etc saddens me..

And just like that wee weed so much is dismissed by the hoards off civilized humans..

People ask me if i get lonely ?

My answer to that is simply NO , how can you be lonely with so much going on all around and with the laptop i am able to link up with so many gentle souls across this wonderful planet ,how can you be lonely if you care to look..

We have decided to head further & further into the mountains.. God Willing

As the wind rocks the horsebox and sings its song ( which often reminds me of the song Maria from paint your wagon)

I drift into thinking about GOD

People ask me what i do all day ?

“LIVE “is my usual answer which is usually greeted by a frown and i know they think bloody hell what an idiot..



  1. I truly think that some of us are born with the soul of a germit, and cannot find true happiness unless we are living the life as we were intended to live.

    While I can and do function around people to some extent, I am at my best when left to my own desires and designs. My true friends understand this, while others never will.

    Wonderful post, my friend...and well understood. Long live those of us that truly take time to appreciate the bountiful beauty of nature as it was intended to be enjoyed.

  2. Hi Jim

    So good to see you my friend

    aye i wish people would take the time and listen to each another

    aye long live the people that love life and all its wonders

    take care my friend


  3. A true case of Wanderlust.
    God bless ya and see to yer needs, enjoy every minute of it.

    I must have a wee bit of it but was strangled years ago.
    Even though, it is hard to kill.

    Good luck and enjoy the peace and quiet.
    I needs my beauty sleep now.

  4. Hi Busted

    so good to see you here again,aye so many people i meet have had it suppressed or worse

    i hope all is ok with you


    ps hope you had a good sleep

  5. Lovely post, Andy.

    Got an award for you. :-)

  6. Hello Dafthermit!

    I am reading your blog in envy and have a very vivid picture of you wandering about the highlands, water squishing out from under your steps as they leave an imprint in the moss. Spent time wandering around the highlands and islands myself (still have the real estate section of the Stornoway Gazette from two years ago...wishing...) enjoy your wanderings, looking forward to sharing them with you. -kate

    p.s. my profile pic (which was updated a few days ago but flips back to the old one for some reason, if there's iguanas in it that's the old one :) was taken on Harris. Wish I could be there now!

  7. Hi Kate

    Sorry it has taken a few days to get back to you but the signal here in the mountains has gone wonky.

    A Scotland will do that to you once she is in your heart she will never leave you

    love the fact you still have a property page a sign or what ha ha

    all the best andy the dafthermit


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