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Wednesday, 6 May 2009



This is some of my thoughts on where we will be as humans by the time the year 2050 is here..

I think as we draw further and further away from nature our arrogance will lead us to a world I am glad I will not be around to see.

Technology as we all see both good and bad has enveloped all our life's and as we grow to depend on it more and more the true effects of this will become ever more apparent as time goes by.

If we simply stepped back 100 years with the knowledge we have at our finger tips and tried to explain what was coming and what we would be able to do in the next 100 years we would be laughed out the room or worse..

The world we live in now changes almost daily, with new medicines and technology being announced the sheer speed of it all sweeps us all along , never having the time to stop and question and if you do ,you are looked at and shouted down as an old dinosaur ,progress progress is shouted louder and louder , but maybe one day we will under stand that progress can be achieved by stepping sideways as well as back on some occasions..

I believe that our sheer drive towards the body beautiful and longer life will lead us down the path of true horror .

I believe by the 2050's we will be transplanting the human brain as commonly as we now transplant hearts ,lungs, kidneys etc etc .

The weak point some people believe, in our life on this awesome planet is the human body with our joints etc wearing out and disease able to attack it, will one day I believe lead us to the point were we decide to do away with it all together and this WILL lead us to transplanting our brain into sleek body robotic beautiful .

The sheer common sense in it in their eyes :

Take for example flying ,planes now are getting bigger and bigger to transport ever increasing numbers of people across the world just think how many more humans could be loaded onto the plane if the brain could be detached at the terminal and loaded onto the plane into a small box and stored for the flight. ( and while on holiday your daily robotic body will be taken to a place not unlike todays Kwik Fit for a complete upgrade while you relax abroad)

The box will take the shape of the black box we often hear found at crash sites undamaged today,

this will lead to claims that even if the plane crashes you will survive .. perfect sense..

Just think you could leave your daily robotic body at the terminal and on arrival you are given the choice of various bodies (robotic) as if picking up a rental car like Avis

no need for sun tan oils or hours of sitting under tanning machines

see makes perfect sense and saves the planet

Slight drawback the cost of our new bodies several millions but hey never mind buy today and get the first year free followed by a 2000 year 0% loan.

With a guarantee that if a fault develope's simply come to the shop and it will be replaced or even better upgraded..

far fetched not anymore than if you were to sit with someone from 19th century bloody hell you dont have to go back that far ,go to 1970 and talk with someone about what we are able to do now and they would NEVER believe you ...

don't fret if you think you would miss smells touch etc new and vastly improved sensors will mean that you are able to see further and smell scents and taste tastes hither too unreachable with the old noses and eyes..

So don't delay come on down to Comets and step into the future

Help the Government save money they have to spend needlessly at the moment telling us all to stop smoking stop eating to many cakes etc etc

be a responsible human and get transplanted TODAY.....

This is the first post on my new blog 2050 i hope you pop over for a wee visit , Andy

my new blog 2050 hope you pop over 

andy the dafthermit  



  1. Wow...good post, Andy! A lot to think about today! Falls right into place with the news article I just read in the local paper about a lady who was shot in the face by her husband 5 years ago...lost most of her face, but lived.

    Yesterday, they held a news conference to show the work they had done by transplanting the face of a dead person to the lady with no face. Amazing!

  2. Hi Jim

    glad you liked the post

    a brave new world


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