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Monday, 23 March 2009

Birth & Re-Birth

Birth & Re-birth


Eyelids gently lift slowly apart

and for the first time light floods in

first one eye then the other ,a cascade of

shapes and colours mingle in a excited flurry of movement.

A tiny brain scrambles furiously to make any sense of it all.

Air rushing down the throat for the first time,

filling lungs too almost bursting point,

then at last it is released in the first new born breath..

noise as of yet ,a muffled watery sense ,

is now clear and distinct

all around...

Fingers extend out searching and seeking and as they land on a surface send pulses of feeling flooding to the wee brain,

for the first time the sensation of touch.

Sitting in the palm of a huge hand and being gently lowered to the bed .

Then a warm face appears ,and a first smile settles on new eyes now able to focus


The dafthermit....

Many times in my life I have felt this feeling ,i have always believed that if we have a truly open mind and heart we know less and less the older we get..

I remember arriving in Germany after having qualified as a REME mechanic I was sent to Fallingbostel and my new unit the 16 Tank Transporters..

While there I was so lucky to have met a group of men called the M.S.O (mixed services organization)

I was young and full of myself too cocky by half but I met some one called George can't remember his Russian name .

I had been told to go and see him to get some valves ground down and while I watched this man of at least 70 with such great skill do his job I noticed a couple of old leathery wrist bands he had on, then my thoughts were interrupted as he handed me with a huge smile the valves and I thanked him and headed to the pit to fit them

Over the next few months I got to know George more and more and really liked him along with big Yan and little Yan they would become close friends and teach me so much about life

Then one day as we were all huddled together in the dark pit under an Antar that was in for repair ,lit candle and vodka sitting on the steps George started to talk and told his story of his time in Russia when the Natzi's came...

After a few hours I crawled out of the pit my mind racing with images of horror,life and love

I spent many hours in them pits underneath the huge 160 ton Antars out of site of my superiors and on more than one occasion I would wake up in bed with a massive hangover not sure what had happened only to find out that some of the M.S.O had carried me secretly to bed and had covered for me when asked has anyone seen Craftsman Lowe aye sir he's on a brake test..

So to all the Men of the M.S.O I salute you from my wee bus in the highlands and I hope to meet up with you all again in a far off pit with candles and vodka .......

Many times I was born and awaken to life through these caring strong powerful men.. and have reached out to them for comfort across the vast distance of space and time ....

Throughout my life I have had the feeling of birth & re-birth be it someone amazing I have met or some piece of music or film.. one day I hope to grow up......


  1. Hi Andy,

    Beautiful picture.

    "I have always believed that if we have a truly open mind and heart we know less and less the older we get.."

    Wow, yes, I think I know this, as well. When I was in my twenties I had this overwhelming need to figure out why we are here, this whole life thing. And I had no doubt that someday I would. As I've gotten older, this need and knowing has vanished, and in it's place...a peaceful calm feeling that the more mysterious the whole of everything is, the more I am able to lose myself in it. And be ok.

  2. I have often heard that growing older is mandatory, growing up is not. As long as your older friends can live on in your memory, they will always be with you!

    Thank you so much for sharing that with us!


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