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Monday, 5 January 2009

Suspended Life

I love to see droplets of water,the journey it has been on to me is fascinating and timless.
and for a split second it is as if a fragile diamond from the sky ...
sparkling with all the surrounding colours 
the joy it fills my heart ,and to be able to capture it sends me to bed dreaming of tomorrow's little gem i will be guided too .



  1. It's almost like you could sit and gaze into the drop for hours on end, but like a lot of beauty in life needs to be enjoyed while present. The truly wonderous things in Nature last for such a short while, if we hesitate to admire them...they suddenly are gone.

    Beautiful pics, my friend!

  2. I think you caught this w/ perfect background lighting - any lighter or darker wouldn't have been as pretty! Great job

  3. Hi Jim

    thanks for popping bye
    so true my friend i have learned to stop and stare as the poet once wrote
    so glad you enjoyed the pics

    talk soon


  4. Hi Edain

    thankyou it is amzazing that a simple drop can fill us with such beauty


  5. Morning Ms Hays

    glad to see you here thanks so much for the compliment

    stay warm



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