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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Off to the Woods and burns

We have been parked up at our friends yard for a couple of weeks and although we have enjoyed meeting up with old friends again we both need to get back to the woods and the isolation 
We are of to an old parkup where we can have the peace and quiet ,time to create some craft at our pace .
Being parked at the yard with all the comings and goings has took its toll on the animals as well so intresting seeing the change in them
But i have explained to them that we will be of again soon. and they will be able to sit a some clean running burn with the wee animals all around us again
in the last couple of days i have been writing on my other blog about depression and a thing that come to me one night Positive Depression and today a friend wrote how it inspired him so powerful when you write and your words whiz of on the net ( well maybe hobbles along on my connection like a one legged hedgehog as i say to mel)


  1. I know it will feel good to be off to another chapter of your ongoing adventure!

    Safe journey, my friend!

  2. Hi jim

    thanks for popping over

    not long now till you are of on your adventure



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