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Friday, 18 December 2009

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Earning a living from the internet

2009-03-21 daft hermit

Since taking up the laptop just over a year ago it has been my dream to earn a living from my work on line ..
Well a year down the line and loads of dead ends promises etc ,i have found a few things that work and to me sitting in my old bus and simply writing about my life and getting paid to do this is simply wonderful
one of the best schemes is
Text Line ads

a simple site where you enter your blog or site address and if accepted you are placed on a list ,then simply wait till some company wants to place and ad
I have a few running now and is growing weekly
you have full control over who places ads and since i started with this company the money has gone into my pay pal every month on the dot

if anyone else has ideas to help us all earn a wee bit off money leave a comment or email me at:
peace and light 

A wee email from our friend Jenny

A wee email i got from our friend Jenny

Good Morning !!!   Or   Good  Afternoon   ------ or  Good  Evening

Ever   have one of those days, when something seems a  bit 'off' but  you just can't put your finger on  it...

Or   it seemed like all the people around you just  wanted to butt  heads...

Or   just get into some kind of weird tug of   war?

Sometimes   you just need to take a fresh new look and get a  different  perspective on  things.

Remember   to try your best to show kindness to   others...

(sometimes   looking at things from their perspective might   help.....)

So,  when life  gets you  down...

Remember  to just  keep going, and keep your head above   water...

And  you'll  get by with a little help from your   friends!

To   all of my friends have a nice day
Together We  Can Make  Someone  Smile!

Monday, 12 October 2009

The Pigs With Their Noses In The Trough (Money & Image The Destroyers Of Democracy )

2009-03-21 daft hermit
Waking up today and switching on the radio ,I see the pigs at the UK houses of parliament are at it again more expense’s scandals..
They the people who are elected to lead the nation ,but from day one at the house are more interested in lining their own pockets already with one eye on the day they are booted out
For the next load of pigs to file in promising us all a better world and a fairer government one that will listen to the people
Complete bull shit..
This is no democracy we all live in ,we are dictated to by the pigs as they lift their heads up out of the trough for a brief second
to spout out some crap they have decided we should all obey then with a yeah ,yeah
And with some caviar dripping from their over stuffed gobs
It is head down and pig ON…
Not some sandwiches but a three coarse meal “oh put it on expenses..”
Watch as they enter the house and over the next few years they start to appear in designer suits getting more and more manicured
If you take the case of smokers ,you can see right through their waffle
We no more live in a true democracy than the people of North Korea or the people that lived in Natzi Germany.
For a true democracy there has to be choice if you don’t smoke fine …
You take the first three carriages with a conductor that refrains from the evil weed ..

But for those of us that CHOOSE to smoke we have the last three carriages to enjoy our fags in peace .
same for pubs etc etc etc …………………
We are bombarded with images of how terrible it is to smoke ,even to the point that they use a child on screen begging his parents to stop puffing..
Well sod YOU i will carry on smoking till the day i drop
And you carry on taking your wee pills from the chemist ?
This attitude prevails all our society
Footballers with their obscene wages, nancy about and rub their wealth into the faces of the people who obediently  pay for the next away/home/strip
and ever increasing ticket prices .. drain the last few coffers from peoples pockets so they can drive the latest super car..
With their sanitisation of all in our nation they have stripped us of our passion
When i was a kid the thought of one day being able to walk onto Hampden Park and pull on a SCOTTISH shirt (without the mention of money)and play for my nation filled me with pride and for a brief moment all the stupidity of the in fighting between visiting teams was forgotten and the nation came together
Even when Scotland was getting hammered by some incredible team the singing would ring out in support because you could see the players where putting everything into the game
At the end of most games you would see players strewn across the park on the ground totally exhausted and still the fans would sing on

You would watch the winning team leave the field wondering “did we not just win “
Now they are paid vast sums of money and the passion has gone they are more worried about breaking a nail and how will that look in their next million pound ad for some aftershave or whatever bull shit they endorse to try and sell us ..
Until the day when these people truly lead by example we are forced to live in a world full of greed and insane laws forced to listen to double standards spew out of the gutter that is their collective party 
The day when a politician stands up and says i am happy to get £500 a week and do what i can for my nation and the world
The day when a footballer says he will take £1000 a week and no more (cant have him totally roughing it,he has to still have his moisturiser )
When this day comes truly will things change and the old passion for politics and football along with so much else in all our lives be reinstated and we can come together and change the world.
Creativity my medication against and insane and heartless world…

The Dafthermit

Reflection on thoughts:

In a nation and a world that daily gets more and more plastic and realness is a thing designated to the pages of history
I still believe that to see if your spirit is true then stand in the wild and see if the wildlife respects and trusts you.
We have deer wander through our wee homestead and to stand a few feet from them and look into their eyes you see the real world and what we could all have not some wii made up existence…
So as you stand before me and preach your crap REMEBER some of us are still true to life and see right through your made up exterior for the pig that hides and attacks within.
Remember some of us have retained a brain and feelings
Remember too YOU WILL NEVER make us believe your crap..
So take your whiter than white powder your Eastenders and your wii and sod off ……….

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Some old geezers and the confessions of a Carpenter (The Bible)

                mel sunset
As we enter a new century ,the 21st and time stretches out before us
on this wonderful journey of life.
Full of excitement at the turns and twists ahead
The joy of expanding our personal learning and seeking new and forgotten Knowledge.
I can’t help wander about a wee book i have picked up and read many times
and lain it back down
with the hairs on my neck at full stretch at the words and images contained within it.
That book being the bible ,
If for a single moment you forget all the religion and the negative things this single best selling book has gathered throughout the century’s
If you put it in another cover people would be amazed at the stories etc within.
As i say forget if you will that Jesus was the son of god and think that a wee man walked the earth 2000 years ago and we still talk about him…

If you think of a single story held within the covers
A wee man called Noah walked  the earth ,
Now image him walking the earth today warning us all of things ahead we have to heed or ignore at our peril how would we react to him?????

Well to me as a daft wee old hermit ,in my rusty we bus
The thing that scares me so much is that:

With all the trappings of the modern world that we surround our self with as if to insulate us from real life
we have not moved a single iota to advancing our  soul, spirit ,essence of being a human
We are no different from people that walked the earth 2000 years and more ago in fact we have become more selfish and greedy.
So quickly we turn on people that have visions dreams or simply have the time to think shit, what is coming our way ….

So just as Noah no doubt had people laugh and jeer him as he prepared
“I see Noah’s been gathering more wood what a nutter”
Hey Noah were is this flood LOL,

So today people that have the vision for a better world are hounded
and people that able to look with a clear vision at where we are heading ,
are mocked attacked and killed by the mindless cretin’s.for want of a better word evil prevails ..
But across the world people that care and have the foresight to look and learn
Are seeking a better way ,a path full of light love and happiness

so while you mock kill and look down on the good people .i pray that one day you take a wee moment to just stand and think
So on the day that Obama gets the peace prize and then bombs the moon ???
peace love and light to you all may this coming day be filled with love laughter and joy

The Dafthermit x

Monday, 28 September 2009

Take off your watch and dance with rainbows

flags 004-1

                       Rainbows In the Night Sky

Tied down by straight jacket of man made time
Toss that watch into the distance
Listen as it hits and smashes against some far off lichen covered rock
and sit a while on a moss covered rock high in the mountains.

Wait patiently as the evening light disappears slowly over the horizon.
Clear your mind of the daily struggle
That they with their rules impose on us ..
Silently wait ,wait wait
take in the smells of the mountains ..
Breathe deeper and deeper then look to the heavens and awe ,
As one by one the stars come into view ..
Lets journey to the stars
lets dance with a nebula
soar and back flip through it ,
watch as all around a star is born
Lets sing and laugh
Lets hold hands and soar
250px-Ngc2024_2mass 250px-Triangulum.nebula.full
lets sit at the edge of a worm hole
and dangle our feet in to it and wonder, wonder

lets hold hands and leap into it

Lets reclaim back our true life’s
From the ones who would rob us off the true journey
and journey in timeless space


Pictures from Wikipedia

The simplicity of life of a couple of hermits in the mountains of Scotland

Friday, 18 September 2009

The world meeting place lets talk

["اهلا بكم في مهرجان Blackbus على خط ضوء الحب والسعادة \n\n لدينا مترجم هنا لمساعدتنا في الحصول على جميع والدردشة \n\n السلام وضوء","en"]Welcome to the Blackbus on line festival of love light and happiness

we have a translator here to help us all get on and chat

peace and light



["Welkom by die Blackbus on line fees van die liefde die lig en geluk \n\n Ons het 'n vertaler hier om ons te help almal kry oor en gesels \n\n vrede en lig","en"]


["Mirë se vini në linjë Blackbus në festivalin e dritës dashuri dhe lumturi \n\n ne kemi një përkthyes këtu për të na ndihmojë të merrni të gjitha dhe chat \n\n paqe dhe dritë","en"]


["Сардэчна запрашаем на Blackbus на лінію Фестываль святла любові і шчасця \n\n у нас ёсць перакладчык тут, каб дапамагчы ўсім нам і атрымаеце ў чаце \n\n свет і свет","en"]


["Benvinguts a la festa blackbus en línia de la llum de l'amor i la felicitat \n\n tenim un traductor aquí per ajudar-nos a tots a entrar i xat \n\n la pau i la llum","en"]

["欢迎在线爱光,幸福节Blackbus \n\n我们这里有一个翻译,帮助我们获得和聊天\n\n和平和轻","en"]


["Dobro došli na Blackbus na liniji festival svjetlo ljubavi i sreće \n\n imamo prevodioca ovdje kako bi se na sve nas i chat \n\n mir i svjetlo","en"]


["Vítejte v on-line Blackbus festival lásky, světla a štěstí \n\n máme překladatel tu, aby nám pomohli dostat na všechny a chat \n\n míru a světla","en"]


["Velkommen til Blackbus på linje festival af kærlighed lys og lykke \n\n vi har en oversætter her for at hjælpe os alle komme videre og chat \n\n fred og lys","en"]

["Welkom bij de Blackbus on line festival van licht liefde en geluk \n\n We hebben een vertaler hier om ons te helpen allemaal op en chat \n\n vrede en licht","en"]

["Tere tulemast Blackbus on line festival armastuse valgust ja õnne \n\n meil on tõlkija siin meid kõik saavad sisse ja vestlus \n\n rahu ja valgus","en"]


["Maligayang pagdating sa Blackbus sa linya ng pagdiriwang ng pag-ibig liwanag at kaligayahan \n\n kami ay may isang tagasalin dito upang makatulong sa amin ang lahat ng kumuha sa at makipag-chat \n\n kapayapaan at liwanag","en"]

["Tervetuloa Blackbus verkossa festivaali rakkauden valoa ja iloa \n\n meillä kääntäjä täällä auttamassa meitä kaikkia päästä ja chat \n\n rauha ja valo","en"]

["Bienvenue sur le Blackbus le festival ligne de lumière amour et de bonheur \n\n nous avons un traducteur ici pour nous aider à monter et chat \n\n paix et la lumière","en"]


["Benvido ao blackbus no festival liña de luz de amor e felicidade \n\n nós temos un traductor aquí para axudarnos e todos comezan a falar \n\n paz e luz","en"]

["Benvido ao blackbus no festival liña de luz de amor e felicidade \n\n nós temos un traductor aquí para axudarnos e todos comezan a falar \n\n paz e luz","en"]

["Καλώς ήλθατε στο Blackbus σε φεστιβάλ γραμμή του φωτός αγάπη και ευτυχία \n\n έχουμε έναν μεταφραστή εδώ για να μας βοηθήσει όλους να την κουβέντα και \n\n ειρήνη και φως","en"]


["ברוכים הבאים Blackbus על הפסטיבל קו של אור אהבה ואושר \n\n יש לנו מתרגם כאן כדי לעזור לנו לקבל על כל צ 'אט \n\n שלום אור","en"]

["प्रेम प्रकाश और खुशी की रेखा के त्योहार पर Blackbus में आपका स्वागत है \n\n हम एक अनुवादक यहाँ हमारी मदद के लिए सभी को और चैट मिल \n\n शांति और प्रकाश","en"]

["Üdvözöljük a Blackbus on-line fesztivál a szeretet fény és boldogság \n\n , hogy van egy fordító van, hogy segítsen mindnyájunkat kap, és chat \n\n a béke és könnyű","en"]

["Velkomin á Blackbus á hátíð línu ljós ást og hamingju \n\n Við höfum þýðandi hér til að hjálpa okkur öllum að fá um og spjalla \n\n frið og ljós","en"]


["Fáilte chuig an Blackbus féile ar líne solais ghrá agus sonas \n\n táimid tar éis an aistritheora anseo chun cuidiú linn go léir a fháil ar agus comhrá \n\n síocháin agus éadrom","en"]


["Benvenuti al Blackbus il festival linea di luce dell'amore e della felicità \n\n abbiamo un traduttore qui per aiutare tutti noi a salire e chat \n\n pace e di luce","en"]


["사랑에 오신 것을 환영 조명과 행복을 줄 축제 Blackbus에 \n\n 우리는 여기에 우리 모두와 채팅을받을 수 있도록 통역가 \n\n 평화와 조명","en"]

["사랑에 오신 것을 환영 조명과 행복을 줄 축제 Blackbus에 \n\n 우리는 여기에 우리 모두와 채팅을받을 수 있도록 통역가 \n\n 평화와 조명","en"]

["Sveiki atvykę į on-line festivalis meilės šviesos ir laimės Blackbus \n\n mes vertėjas čia, kad padėtų mums visiems gauti, ir dėl pokalbių \n\n taikos ir šviesa","en"]

["Добредојдовте на Blackbus on-line фестивал на светлината љубов и среќа \n\n имаме преведувач тука за да ни помогне да добиете на сите и да разговарате \n\n мир и светлина","en"]

["Добредојдовте на Blackbus on-line фестивал на светлината љубов и среќа \n\n имаме преведувач тука за да ни помогне да добиете на сите и да разговарате \n\n мир и светлина","en"]

["Merħba lill-Blackbus festival fuq linja ta 'dawl imħabba u l-kuntentizza \n\n għandna traduttur hawn biex tgħinna kollha jitilgħu fuq u chat \n\n paċi u tad-dawl","en"]

["Merħba lill-Blackbus festival fuq linja ta 'dawl imħabba u l-kuntentizza \n\n għandna traduttur hawn biex tgħinna kollha jitilgħu fuq u chat \n\n paċi u tad-dawl","en"]

["خوش آمدید به Blackbus در جشنواره خط از نور عشق و شادی \n\n ما یک مترجم در اینجا برای کمک به همه ما در گرفتن و چت \n\n صلح و نور","en"]

["Zapraszamy do Blackbus na festiwalu linii światła miłości i szczęścia \n\n mamy tłumacz tutaj aby pomóc nam wszystkim wsiadać i czat \n\n pokojem i światłem","en"]

["Bem-vindo ao blackbus no festival linha de luz de amor e felicidade \n\n nós temos um tradutor aqui para nos ajudar e todos começam a conversar \n\n paz e luz","en"]

["Bem-vindo ao blackbus no festival linha de luz de amor e felicidade \n\n nós temos um tradutor aqui para nos ajudar e todos começam a conversar \n\n paz e luz","en"]

["Добродошли на Блацкбус на линији фестивал светлости љубави и радости \n\n имамо преводиоца овде да нам помогне све добити на и цхат \n\n мира и светлости","en"]

["Vitajte v on-line Blackbus festival lásky, svetla a šťastie \n\n máme prekladateľ tu, aby nám pomohli dostať na všetky a chat \n\n mieru a svetla","en"]

["Dobrodošli na Blackbus on line festival ljubezni svetlobe in sreče \n\n imamo tukaj, prevajalec, ki nam pomagajo priti na vse in klepet \n\n miru in svetlobe","en"]


["Bienvenidos a la fiesta blackbus en línea de la luz del amor y la felicidad \n\n tenemos un traductor aquí para ayudarnos a todos a entrar y chat \n\n la paz y la luz","en"]

["Karibu katika Blackbus on line tamasha la upendo mwanga na furaha \n\n sisi tuna translator hapa kutusaidia kupata tarehe na wote chat \n\n amani na mwanga","en"]

["ยินดีต้อนรับสู่ Blackbus ในเทศกาลบรรทัดไฟรักและความสุข \n\n เรามีนักแปลที่นี่เพื่อช่วยให้เราทั้งหมดได้ในและการสนทนา \n\n สันติภาพและแสงสว่าง","en"]

["Hoşgeldiniz sevgi ışık ve mutluluk hattı festival Blackbus için \n\n Burada hepimizi ve sohbet yardım için bir çevirmen var \n\n barış ve ışık","en"]

["Ласкаво просимо на Blackbus на лінію Фестиваль світла любові та щастя \n\n у нас є перекладач тут, щоб допомогти всім нам і отримаєте в чаті \n\n світ і світло","en"]

["Chào mừng đến với Blackbus ngày lễ hội đường của ánh sáng tình yêu và hạnh phúc \n\n chúng tôi có một dịch giả ở đây để giúp tất cả chúng ta có được ngày và trò chuyện \n\n hòa bình và ánh sáng","en"]

["Croeso i Blackbus ar ŵyl lein golau hapusrwydd gariad a \n\n rydym wedi cyfieithydd yma i helpu ni i gyd ar gael a sgwrsio \n\n heddwch a golau","en"]

["ברוכים הבאים צו דער בלאַקקבוס אויף שורה יאָמטעוו פון ליבע ליכט און גליק \n\n מיר האָבן אַ יבערזעצער דאָ צו הילף אונדז אַלע נעמען אויף און שמועסן \n\n שלום און ליכט","en"]


peace and light to all

Friday, 4 September 2009

The Hopes and dreams of the Blackbus-On-Line-Festival



                                (Humans on-line protecting Earth)

                                 Hopes and dreams for the on-line-festival



My name is Andy the dafthermit .

A few people have now asked me what i hope to achieve with the festival.

I set the festival up on the 19th August 2009 ,i hope to create a place of love light and happiness

a place where we can all come together  and share our many ideas about how to make this a better world

not so much for us but our children .


I hope through my art ie pictures, films and stories that i will be able to set something up for when i have gone to the great bus in the sky

that continues to generate money for causes all over the world …

I hope that we can all leave our negative energy’s by the gate and concentrate on the real dangers that we all face living on this wonderful planet we all call home mother



Switch of the Mains

                    Switch The Mains Off the only way to make an immediate impact
                         Self powered homes and buildings the way of the future
                   so this week turn off the mains if not in the whole house then at least
                one room and with solar etc generate light and power the tv etc for free
The major problem facing us all at the moment is out total reliance on power supplied by huge energy companies we have been lead down a deadly dead end by their complete greed and disrespect of mother earth and all her beauty.
There is an abundance of power all around us from the sun to the wind ,the universe is pure energy.
in fact all of us are energy all living souls create power .it is only when we open our eyes and minds will we be free from the abusers the huge oil/power companies……..
For example A simple thing that came to me was the amount of energy created at say a school or a shopping arcade by that mass off people moving through it and how is the shop and school powered ,yes via the mains madness….complete madness
Why not simply install flooring that as you walk on it generates electricity and sends it to a power bank batteries etc (this technology is already here ) and thus by the fact of all those people moving about they will in fact generate the power to light up the very building they are using another public building off the grid
A public swimming bath could simple have small wave generators that send power to the power bank of the pool complex thus ,while everyone is enjoying the day they are in fact taking another building of the grid .so with added solar panels on their roofs and wind turbines not the huge great things we now see jumping up all over wrecking the countryside, but turbines that are blended into the building invisible generation 
swim ,shop and walk to save the world ?
We all must come together and switch the mains of,tear down those ugly pylons and say no to the grid and the power companies
We must all start to take control off ,and responsibility for our own power generation via solar wind and the multitude of new technology at our finger tips if we only look beyond those companies and there eternal race for ever more profit.they show us endless tv ads telling US that they are changing nonsense
They still have the same mental block they think that the only way to supply energy is via some enormous grid with all the pylons endless cables and all the transport to keep the grid going .

My belief is that in the future every house and public building will be self sustaining thus doing away with all that cabling
imagine a world without those god awful pylons ,no more tankers  travelling our oceans with millions of gallons of crude oil (ticking bombs) that have on many occasions gone off with huge consequences to the environment both animal and planet the true victims  in those massive companies endless greed.
No more oil and gas refinery’s
And not to forget one off the main advantages to us all
NO more bills aye imagine never having to work to get money to pay some company to supply you with over priced energy …..
and what a gift to give our children a world cleaner and the countryside rid off all those eye sores our children will we free to explore more of this wonderful life free from the burden of bills

so take control
Turn your home into its very own power system buy solar, wind and above all be creative and we will leave behind a wonderful clean home called EARTH..
another benefit NO MORE WARS OVER OIL.
No country will ever be able to hold another country to ransom
look around us at nature she is telling us all the way ahead ….
as one electric company in my country says “the future is bright” and it will be even brighter without you greedy sods..
we must start to think different and not rely on the state or worse some company

love light and happiness

The Dafthermit

some useful links:

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 living off grid
tips on how to it
living lightly
someone elses's journey off grid

Monday, 24 August 2009

A Warm Welcome In The Highlands

Visit The Blackbus

just a wee invite to join us over on our new site were a lovely warm welcome awaits all

a place to share your sites groups sell buy pray or just sit by the burner and enjoy the wonderful views out of the window

love light and peace to you all x

Friday, 7 August 2009

Lifting the Skirt of civilization a Time to retreat (aye that’s a wee bit of dirt between my toes!!!!!!!)

The last few days have struck home once again.. how DAFT i really am….
A few things have happened over the last few days which have really brought me to my senses and once again i find myself retreating arms held firmly to my sides and now i look after my family and that is it ……

I have been debating with myself as to if i should shut down all the sites i am on as well as my accounts
I have not yet found the answer to that ..

I shocks me how easily so called civilized people as they stand there a smile on their face and yet hatred bubbling under the made up exterior can believe it is NOT visible
People talk to me and believe that they are far better people than us simply because we live in a bus and have a wee bit off dirt between our toes..
I guess the thing is that they also belief that i am so thick that i can’t understand their blunted questions…. and remarks !!!!!

I have always been a person that will try to help anyone along the road of life
but from now on this old daft hermit is retreating from all the falseness and hatred that seems to prevail in this so called civilized society …

loyalty ,respect ,trust just three little words that seem to be dismissed as old fashioned thoughts

we are getting ready to head further away from people and towards OUR simple but beautiful way of life ,time to get back to the wonderful beauty that surrounds us ….
a hurt and sad hermit……………………………………………………………..

Friday, 31 July 2009

Dafthermit with our friend Sally

my wee film this time with our hermit friend Sally hope you enjoy

Monday, 13 July 2009

Mels woollie hats


A few people have said i should put Mels work up on my blog and various sites so here she is with her wonderful crafts…..


Collages4 (2)

mels blog 006mels blog 005 mels blog 007 mels blog 004mels blog 008 mels blog 009

mels blog 011

mels blog 001hats 005

Mel has always been into her crafts at what she can do with some wool and two ( even one )needles will i hope amaze you 

as much as it has done me over the years..

I have persuaded her to now show you all and if anyone would like a hand knitted highland bonnet then email her at

and i am sure you will be happy with your wee woollen bonnet…………………

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Dafthermit with a touch of orla Wren

This is my latest wee film from the highlands of Scotland using my images and this time i have been given the honour of using my friend Tui's music the CD of which has just been launched in Japan,

and for the last few weeks i have been busy in the horsebox trying to do the music justice

I hope you enjoy it , and i would love to hear what you think ?

once again my friend thank for the inspiration...........

Magical Musical Journey


Over the last few weeks i have been on a magical music journey.

My friend Tui has just released his latest CD which you can find here.

He has allowed me to use any of his music and the first track i have chosen to use is called The First Born Daughter Of Water

i urge you to take a few moments well maybe an hour or so ,and visit his magical site..

Anyway after many hours sat in the horsebox in the early hours of today i copied my work onto a dvd and went into the bus to show Mel..

It always sends pangs of worry through me when i show of my work ..

But Mel was well pleased and so i hope to show my good friend Tui what i have done and i hope he likes it..

So now i have 4 tracks and films ready for the 360 dvd , i will now try and get some of mels poetry voiced over and head into the soggy wet heather and try to capture some more 360 of this wonderful planet of our’s..

Happy travels the dafthermit

ps good luck not that you need it Tui with your CD xx

my 360 DVD can be seen here

Sunday, 21 June 2009

"Simply "SKY

One of the many reasons i enjoy my hermit retreat is i get to see mother nature display without interference from man ie no light polution
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Monday, 15 June 2009

Save A Hermit Buy A Print


***********Click here to go to the Gallery & Shop*************

At last i have managed to get the old brain cells to sort of work and i have managed to load my prints up to the printers.

Now i have set up a wee Gallery & Shop were you can buy anything from a 20p card right up to full canvas prints .

I hope you will pop over and let me know what you think ?

Already i have sold 6 prints and i have had so many wonderful emails full of encouragement about my work

To me the whole joy of getting the laptop and camera has been that i can bring through my stories and pictures some smiles to people all across the world amazing..

So just to say a MASSIVE thanks to everyone lots of love the dafthermit

Saturday, 13 June 2009

First Fugi Pic

My first shot using my new Fugi S1500 , i think i will enjoy where the new camera will take me a move away from the macro to trying to capture the huge scenery around us ...
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Sunday, 7 June 2009

360 DVD

coming soon a wee dvd by me the dafthermit
with poems stories music and much
much more.
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Friday, 5 June 2009

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Daft Hermits Wanderings

my first ever film using my pics hope you enjoy

Monday, 18 May 2009

Alive In The Mountains (Life as a nomadic Hermit)

Alive In The Mountains.

In the last few years myself and Mel have chosen the nomadic hermit path for a number of reasons,i find that having chosen this path ,it has enable me to be a lot happier within myself and i know Mel enjoys the peace and quiet .

One of the many benefits to this way of life is you get time to think clearer away from the constant hustle and bustle of the modern way of life with all it’s false security and plastic veneers of happiness.

As you will know ,i enjoy the macro side of photography it has taken me down a path of wonder , and as a hermit i can sit for hours watching some insect or landscape and to me that is worth all the lottery millions,

For more years than i care to  remember i let myself be put down by people or events ,but now sitting in the mountains i am able to at last release all those negative things from my past and truly feel alive and free.

I love the way the mountains humble you as a human it reminds me of when i joined the army and they set to ,to form you into a unit .

It is the same here in the mountains they will find the false things about you and strip them away

But by relaxing with them

They and all the life here will build you up again slowly teaching you things you had forgotten or dismissed or had know idea existed..

I love the complete darkness that sometimes descends on our bus ,i know to a lot of people it is scary to be in the dark ,and sometimes i am frightened as well but as you sit and let your mind adjust to the surroundings you will find that all your senses are taken to new levels.

In the distance you can here deer gently walk past and some small animal to the right disappear into its burrow .the river seems to speak louder and clearer and if you open your ears you can hear it make its way round the large rock and carry on its endless journey picking up small rocks and taking them off to distant lands.

To pick up a flower that down the road in civilization is seen only as a WEED and look at it ,the sheer beauty of the shape , colour, and texture

Then the phrase WEED MY ARSE comes to mind..and the thought of millions of pounds all over the country spend to eradicate these wee flowers let alone all the chemicals etc saddens me..

And just like that wee weed so much is dismissed by the hoards off civilized humans..

People ask me if i get lonely ?

My answer to that is simply NO , how can you be lonely with so much going on all around and with the laptop i am able to link up with so many gentle souls across this wonderful planet ,how can you be lonely if you care to look..

We have decided to head further & further into the mountains.. God Willing

As the wind rocks the horsebox and sings its song ( which often reminds me of the song Maria from paint your wagon)

I drift into thinking about GOD

People ask me what i do all day ?

“LIVE “is my usual answer which is usually greeted by a frown and i know they think bloody hell what an idiot..


Friday, 15 May 2009

2050 sea level


By 2050 most of our major cities will be under severe attack from rising water levels .

Throughout the modern era we have carried on expanding our cities on the coast, this i believe will cause major problems as we battle to save them, but throughout history we are taught that mother nature will win the battle

The complete disregard and arrogance towards our planet as we are lead by our greed towards bigger and bigger ,and of course the never ending head long race for the profit above all else will as in the past destroy this civilization.

If we were alive at the time of the Roman empire or the Height of the Egyptians ,no one at that time could or would believe that a global power would one day with all their armies and wealth  disappear back into the dust and sand..

Why is it then that we in the modern era believe we are so superior to them and the countless civilizations that have come before us.

As on Easter island if taken as a small example of the way we treat the planet they destroyed all the resources which led to major battles between the island tribes.

As when scientists were puzzled by signs of a massive sunami and fallout from a volcano that had spread across the world could not for years find out where it was situated ,they had a rough idea it was somewhere in the yellowstone national park and hunted and hunted for it..

Only when we entered space and with the use of satellites was the answer revealed and the true horror or  complete awe visible.

The whole of Yellowstone Park was an immense crater ..

Sometimes we have to take a stand back to really get a picture of what is going on

as is my belief about the rat race not until one day when i said to myself enough did i finally understand the complete madness of it..

Wednesday, 6 May 2009



This is some of my thoughts on where we will be as humans by the time the year 2050 is here..

I think as we draw further and further away from nature our arrogance will lead us to a world I am glad I will not be around to see.

Technology as we all see both good and bad has enveloped all our life's and as we grow to depend on it more and more the true effects of this will become ever more apparent as time goes by.

If we simply stepped back 100 years with the knowledge we have at our finger tips and tried to explain what was coming and what we would be able to do in the next 100 years we would be laughed out the room or worse..

The world we live in now changes almost daily, with new medicines and technology being announced the sheer speed of it all sweeps us all along , never having the time to stop and question and if you do ,you are looked at and shouted down as an old dinosaur ,progress progress is shouted louder and louder , but maybe one day we will under stand that progress can be achieved by stepping sideways as well as back on some occasions..

I believe that our sheer drive towards the body beautiful and longer life will lead us down the path of true horror .

I believe by the 2050's we will be transplanting the human brain as commonly as we now transplant hearts ,lungs, kidneys etc etc .

The weak point some people believe, in our life on this awesome planet is the human body with our joints etc wearing out and disease able to attack it, will one day I believe lead us to the point were we decide to do away with it all together and this WILL lead us to transplanting our brain into sleek body robotic beautiful .

The sheer common sense in it in their eyes :

Take for example flying ,planes now are getting bigger and bigger to transport ever increasing numbers of people across the world just think how many more humans could be loaded onto the plane if the brain could be detached at the terminal and loaded onto the plane into a small box and stored for the flight. ( and while on holiday your daily robotic body will be taken to a place not unlike todays Kwik Fit for a complete upgrade while you relax abroad)

The box will take the shape of the black box we often hear found at crash sites undamaged today,

this will lead to claims that even if the plane crashes you will survive .. perfect sense..

Just think you could leave your daily robotic body at the terminal and on arrival you are given the choice of various bodies (robotic) as if picking up a rental car like Avis

no need for sun tan oils or hours of sitting under tanning machines

see makes perfect sense and saves the planet

Slight drawback the cost of our new bodies several millions but hey never mind buy today and get the first year free followed by a 2000 year 0% loan.

With a guarantee that if a fault develope's simply come to the shop and it will be replaced or even better upgraded..

far fetched not anymore than if you were to sit with someone from 19th century bloody hell you dont have to go back that far ,go to 1970 and talk with someone about what we are able to do now and they would NEVER believe you ...

don't fret if you think you would miss smells touch etc new and vastly improved sensors will mean that you are able to see further and smell scents and taste tastes hither too unreachable with the old noses and eyes..

So don't delay come on down to Comets and step into the future

Help the Government save money they have to spend needlessly at the moment telling us all to stop smoking stop eating to many cakes etc etc

be a responsible human and get transplanted TODAY.....

This is the first post on my new blog 2050 i hope you pop over for a wee visit , Andy

my new blog 2050 hope you pop over 

andy the dafthermit  


Friday, 27 March 2009

Sarah's comment on birth & re-birth

Sarah's Comment


Hi Andy beautiful picture.

I have always believed that if we have a truly open mind and heart we know less and less the older we get..... “ “

Wow ,yes,i think I know this as well..When I was in my twenties I had this overwhelming need to figure out why we are here ,this whole life thing .And I had no doubt that someday I would .As I have gotten older this need and knowing has vanished and in it's place ... a peaceful calm feeling that the more mysterious the whole of everything is ,the more I am able to loose myself in it. and be ok.””


The above is a comment that Sarah left on the Birth and Re-birth post I did and as it made me think I thought I would post it with my reply..


First Sarah thank you so much on the compliment of the wee picture ..

In response to your comment I would just like to say What I believe is that we are born to search and seek understanding, after all you only have to look at kids excitedly running around and asking what's that ,what's this, their eye's full of the love of life .

Like the Pink Floyd song another brick in the wall slowly over life this can be drummed out of people but I believe that as I said if you keep your mind and heart open we never stop learning till the day we die and who knows maybe on into the afterlife and the thought that at in my twenties I would stop asking questions or trying to learn something new ,scares me to the core This is just my belief but it would seem like a fate worse than death .And the thought occurs to me what about all the marvels in medicine etc that have been discovered by people that asked why or what if. That is what I mean about throughout this wonderful gift of life, that it will always make the questioners question and therefore we will on balance know less as we excitedly travel through life..

I am glad that you were able to find such peace .I am 47 and I would say that I have a balance on life as well of roughly 50/50 which I believe I am both fortunate and lucky to have achieved..

But to stop questioning things and searching for answers never till the day I die...

and I will do it as well, with a feeling of both peace and sorrow a

balance after all...........................

Monday, 23 March 2009

Birth & Re-Birth

Birth & Re-birth


Eyelids gently lift slowly apart

and for the first time light floods in

first one eye then the other ,a cascade of

shapes and colours mingle in a excited flurry of movement.

A tiny brain scrambles furiously to make any sense of it all.

Air rushing down the throat for the first time,

filling lungs too almost bursting point,

then at last it is released in the first new born breath..

noise as of yet ,a muffled watery sense ,

is now clear and distinct

all around...

Fingers extend out searching and seeking and as they land on a surface send pulses of feeling flooding to the wee brain,

for the first time the sensation of touch.

Sitting in the palm of a huge hand and being gently lowered to the bed .

Then a warm face appears ,and a first smile settles on new eyes now able to focus


The dafthermit....

Many times in my life I have felt this feeling ,i have always believed that if we have a truly open mind and heart we know less and less the older we get..

I remember arriving in Germany after having qualified as a REME mechanic I was sent to Fallingbostel and my new unit the 16 Tank Transporters..

While there I was so lucky to have met a group of men called the M.S.O (mixed services organization)

I was young and full of myself too cocky by half but I met some one called George can't remember his Russian name .

I had been told to go and see him to get some valves ground down and while I watched this man of at least 70 with such great skill do his job I noticed a couple of old leathery wrist bands he had on, then my thoughts were interrupted as he handed me with a huge smile the valves and I thanked him and headed to the pit to fit them

Over the next few months I got to know George more and more and really liked him along with big Yan and little Yan they would become close friends and teach me so much about life

Then one day as we were all huddled together in the dark pit under an Antar that was in for repair ,lit candle and vodka sitting on the steps George started to talk and told his story of his time in Russia when the Natzi's came...

After a few hours I crawled out of the pit my mind racing with images of horror,life and love

I spent many hours in them pits underneath the huge 160 ton Antars out of site of my superiors and on more than one occasion I would wake up in bed with a massive hangover not sure what had happened only to find out that some of the M.S.O had carried me secretly to bed and had covered for me when asked has anyone seen Craftsman Lowe aye sir he's on a brake test..

So to all the Men of the M.S.O I salute you from my wee bus in the highlands and I hope to meet up with you all again in a far off pit with candles and vodka .......

Many times I was born and awaken to life through these caring strong powerful men.. and have reached out to them for comfort across the vast distance of space and time ....

Throughout my life I have had the feeling of birth & re-birth be it someone amazing I have met or some piece of music or film.. one day I hope to grow up......

Monday, 9 March 2009

White deer & life

                                 White Deer & Life



I woke this Sunday morning with the snow and wind blowing in from the north ,through the window in the bedroom i watched as the deer headed slowly down the hill to the shelter of the glen,grabbing the odd mouthful of food they managed to find buy shifting the snow with their front hoofs and then they all settled  down with their bums facing the storm oblivous to the build up of snow against them ... 

Jumping out of bed (well slowly and achily)to get the fire going and to make the first coffee of the day and as quickly retreated to my warm bed as i listened to  radio 4 everyone still snoring and grunting in their sleep with the odd yelp of pain from custard as in his dream he drops and loses some imagined chocolate .. legs twitching in a vein attempt to retrieve it then ,as quickly he settles down to dream again..

The six o'clock news was just starting and i listened in sadness as they went on to say that some soldiers in Ireland had been gunned down..

But the sadest news i heard and which hasn't been included in any further news broadcast a thing i have often noticed on the radio.early morning news announcements somehow vanish leaving you thinking did i imagine that..

Apparently somewhere on the Scottish borders a great hunter had come across a white stag very very rare and just as i was marvelling at the thought of coming across such a wonderful site ,the news reader went on to explain how the bloke with the hunting rights had advertised the white deer and who ever paid the most would get the honour of shooting it DEAD.....

Hope is the most important thing in life ,but when i hear this sort of stuff it stuns me how we as humans never seem to learn 
With all the stuff going on around the world how can it be that someone comes across something so beautiful and the first thing to come into their head is how much is it worth sad sad sad..

I have often thought of Jesus no matter what you think of him someone who lived all them years ago is still taked about ,like so many people throughout our history that dare to talk of peace,love understanding  they are gunned down maybe because they scare people or is it ,that like the white stag they are so beautiful and must be destroyed.....

We have been gifted with a brain that we are able to imagine and accomplish so much in our short stay on mother earth 
but seem to waste it scruyying about greedily for things..
and anything we don't understand Kill It Dead ....

We all have the power in us to lift ourselves to new heights never before having been attained, if we come together we will one day release our collective understanding and solve so many problems that we all as humans have in our lifes

If Jesus walked into the local town at first they would call him for being a nomad no job and waffling on about love and bollocks so in the 2000 years have we progressed ?

I believe that the world is at a huge crossroads because the greed has been shown up for what it is and we must take this oppertunity to walk a different path ........................


Monday, 2 March 2009

Hi Fellow Hermits

  Up in the clouds  (full cicrle)


It's a little before 5.00pm and the light is slowly disappearing behind the mountain, 
Today has been a magical day not only because last night we escaped the yard and are now 20 miles to the nearest dwelling of any note .But after a wonderful drive up into the mountains in which we were able to slowly drive past huge stags at the roadside and listen as massive waterfalls spilt there watery burden off the edge of half hidden enormous cliffs and sending a fine mist of far off melted snow across the road and in through the opened window soaking the fag in my hand,
with the road winding and climbiing higher and higher all thoughts of fences and noisey scrapyard drifted out the window and are left to the wind and apart from the fuel tank splitting the old bus ran like a dream 
(the tank was rapidly repaired with some screws and some silicon sealant i didn't hang about as the pennies were escaping rapidly doon the drain.)

This morning i wondered oot the bus with my morning coffee and stood soaking in the surroundings,
huge white clouds were slowly drifting into the edge of one of the mountains as if putting a fluffy bonnet on the top of it and leaving a trail behind as they made their effortless way along the side then heading up the glen they envolped the bus before they  carried on thier journey having circumnavigated the mountain and our home onwards to the western isles and beyond.

After a few more fags i thought i would try and hitch back to Muir a journey of 30 miles 
and as Mel was still fast asleep i left a wee note to tell her were i was off to.
So checking i had my keys and wallet i made my way down the track to the road and found a wee perch to sit and hitch from ,
i had only just rolled my first fag and with only 3 cars having passed me when a 4 by 4 signalled and pulled in and when i said i was heading to the muir the couple said to jump in and with the thought of getting the horsebox and getting back even before Mel woke up we were of.

It turned out that Ed and Marianne run a guest house in Lochinver and were of to Inverness shopping for stuff to do the guest house up .and with talk of the highlands
All to quickly we reached my turn off after a brief conersation in Dutch  Ed then said it was ok they would take me to the truck really kind and thankyou both certainly saved the old dafthermit some sore feet.

After taking to Roy hamish and billy i got the truck and headed up the road when i saw two blokes thumbing so good to repay the kindness and with them lugging in amps guitars etc we headed doon the the road they were of to The Kyle of Lochash to do a giig so took them as far up the road as i could and with handshakes and smiles we parted 

So sitting here in the truck i feel so happy to be up in the clouds and back at a spot myself and Mel parked at many years ago 
it is always good to complete little circles in life and sitting here remembering those two different people of many years ago (15years) brings so much joy to still be with the person i love, 
and who has helpled me through some really bad things in life.

So dear friend it is time to go into the bus and the warm fire (which for the last week has not had to go on till late afternoon as it has been really mild )for my supper and in a day or so (as the nearest signal is 19 miles away) i will post this wee story onto the blackbus blog and hope you all are enjoying this wonderful exciting trip called LIFE .  x


                                                         FOUR SEASONS

We have now settled into our new parkup,this morning the mountains have thrown all the four seasons at us ,at the moment the rain and wind are driving into us from the north ,giving both vehicles a free jet wash 
clearing all the sand and dirt from the yard off them.

I woke to three Raf planes flying low over us (or maybe its the fact we are so high) i watched as the three of them created trails of smoke as they chased each another across the sky then in a flash they were gone leaving silence and rain behind.

I have always enjoyed full on weather it makes e feel so alive
Watching trees bending in the wind and birds being blown around the sky in a futile attempt to get to the other side of the glen.
Then as quickly as it has come the rain is gone and the sun bursts out from behind an angry looking cloud to shower us with light and warmth what a joy and a privelage to be able to live in such a powerful place so close to mother earth

I watched as little waves were born on one side of the loch and start to travel quickly across the open space.
 slowly gather energy and finally crash against the other side of the loch in a final display of mother natures power.

Dylan is full of energy and everytime i move to get a pen or something he is at the door ready to go out and explore.
So i think it is time to grab a flask and my camera and take a HIKE.......

                 Home in the Scottish Highlands

Like no other place i have been to, be it the wonderful Exmoor or Dartmoor to the lovely couty of Norfolk or black forest in Austria the the highlands seem to wrap around me and i feel more at ease with my life.

Travelling along the mountain roads as they wind there way gently through the mountains and glens one moment along the shore of 
a long dark peaty wind swept loch, the next moment you are passing through a forest  with trees full of long soft strands of moss hanging from spindly rain soaked Knarled branches of silver birch as if long forgotten xmas decorations.

As if watching some tennis match your head spins from the view too your right, a snow covered Ben, then just as you take in the perfect beauty of what you see ,quickly a movement or site catchs your left eye then back to the right.....

The sounds of the mountains be it some distant eagle calling as it effortlessly glides from glen to glen (making a mockery of them human clunky things called jets)or some stag bellowing his strength to anyone and everyone who will listen seem to flow through me as if electric passing through every molicule and resutling in feeling more alive ,more in touch with this amazing wonderful planet called we call Earth.

Everywhere history calls out,be it from the craggy moss covered rock an imagined clansman huddles from the northen wind and rain,
 the little clump of trees nestled at the slowly flowing river an imagined ancient settlement of people busy their selfs getting ready for the oncoming winter
gathering wood and everywhere laughter..

Travel these roads with your window wide open and your mind as open....
And the mountains will reward you with a gift you never believed possible in the hussle and bustle of this modern computerised world.

Standing on the top of a mountain As  you breathe in deeply your lungs scream for more, until they feel they will surely burst at any moment with the purity and sheer energy as the wind that threatens to blow you from the summit  ,born unseen far out too sea ,by a distant moon and deep deep water in an endless timeless batle and has travelled unobstructed across the Atlantic ocean. 
 until it hits the back of your troat with a force long forgotten and then travels speedily and determind to your lungs. leaving a faint tint of the sea as it does, filling your body with a long and nearly forgotten strength.....

As a kid i would climb Ben Bowie and do the same ,as i looked out across at Loch Lommond (often when i should have been at double maths ) it feels like so many years since i truly breathed ....

Standing by a small burn as is flows golden into the loch with no visible lights from anywhere the sky so clear and huge yet it seems to be completly carpeted in stars as if unable to fit even a single star  but somehow from the west a falling star is newly born and begins it's deahly journey ,weaves and squeezes somehow passing between them all.
 leaving it's firey trail across the  face of the new moon that is sitting lazily on the side of Ben Wyvis
Standing here in the highland moors i have never felt so at home and far from a lonely place the history and people of the highlands call out LISTEN  my friend.....................................

Come ,whatever you do in life, if but once, to the Scottish highlands, and sleep on a bed of moss under a moon lit night and open your heart........

The Happy Dafthermit x

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Good to be alive ...... (FREEDOM)

Everyday i feel the joy of the highlands flow through my soul 
and the joy and happiness of living free 
and on the open road where we go who knows not us xxx
We give ourselfs completely to the universe xx

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