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The blackus
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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Welcome All Hermits

Hi and welcome to my wee blog i have set up for all Hermits.
In fact anyone that has had enough of the treadmill the plastic people try to impose un us.
I am on journey to a simpler life and i hope over the next year i will find more amazing people to guide and help and together we will enter a new year with a new light shinning from our SOUL xx


  1. Sounds like a workable plan to me, my friend! You know what the nicest thing is? Hermits have no peer pressure!

    Happy Hermit Holidays!

  2. You are a brave man, my friend -
    Count me in!

  3. Hi Jeff my friend

    hope you are well and looking forward to the coming year

    i can't believe the amazing people i have met through this wee laptop

    and i look forward to meeting many more

    stay safe

    love andy x

  4. How are you defining hermit? Can one be a hermit while living with their family? I am very comfortable with my own company if the fam is out working or doing their thing. I have cats & dogs for company. I have been a loner much of my life. I don't care for crowds, malls, and empty busy-ness. Do I qualify for hermit status?


  5. I'm living with three teen boys, a dog, three cats, and a spouse, but I still consider myself a hermit. I don't like crowds, I prefer cats to people, and I'm not very social. One day, I'm going to run away and erect a yurt in the woods somewhere. ;)

  6. Hi nobodydownthere
    i guess if you think you are a hermit then you are

    like Darklyfey say's you can be with people but in your heart you are a hermit

    anyways lots of love to you my friend and i hope 2009 is amazing for you


    ps Welcome Darklyfey

    sounds well nice a yurt

    i have lived in all sorts through my life at the moment it is a bus and i am busy trying to simplfy it ,i hope you reach your dream
    and look forward to talking again

    andy thedaft highland hermit


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